3 Step guide to creating an Amazon Store Front

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DayToDayeBayPrabhat Shah at DayToDayeBay is, as the name suggests, an eBay expert but has also been working with Amazon sellers since 2009 and can help you accelerate your online sales.

Today Prabhat shares his recent experience with Amazon Stores and explains how you can set your Amazon store up:

Edited to add

Amazon have shared some insight/correction to the article below. They told us:

“Only Platinum and Gold sellers will see the storefront tab in Seller Central.

The first three images are accurate images of creating a Platinum storefront, but the final image (and link) is actually of a new feature called Enhanced Brand Content. Sellers and Vendors with a registered Brand Name on Amazon will be able to use this feature to create pages like this for their Registered Brand.

Enhanced Brand Content has already been launched on Amazon.com, and to a small number of Brand owners in the EU.”


How to create your Amazon Store Front in three easy steps

While eBay is limiting store front design, some Amazon sellers have been surprised with store front on their seller central centre accounts. With this new store front you can design your store front following simple step by step process.

You will be able to add main image and category images on and have a choice of four main layouts.

1 Go to your store structure settings

You’ll find you store structure settings in Amazon Seller Central by selecting STOREFRONT > MANAGE BROWSE STRUCTURE

Select your preferred store layout

You can choose from one or two column displays or a three column display with options for automated content and header rows. If you prefer you can also use the automatic layout which will populate your store with products assigned to that page.

Add any Content Styles you’d like to be part of your store

Content styles can include sections such as a browse box widget, category list and editorial if you’d like to control the information that appears on your store front.

Publish your Amazon Store Front

That’s it, it’s a simple pick and click set up and your new Amazon store front is ready for the world to admire!

Take a look at the FitFlop Amazon Store Front live on Amazon as an example of what can be achieved, then it’s time to go and create your own.

Many thanks to Prabhat for putting this guide together and his notes, pop over to DayToDayeBay for more Amazon, eBay and ecommerce tips.

5 Responses

  1. Is the storefront only available to certain sellers or is it something you have to sign up for?

    I can’t find that link in seller central, we are a pro seller.

  2. Intrigued, I spoke to Seller Central about this. I gave the web link to the agent who described the article as “nonesense”.

    According to him, it relates to Brand-Aware content, not a Store Front. The main giveaway being the url on the screen-shots should have “merchant=”. However, the link provided (to Fitflop) below does not.

    I’m a fan of Tamebay guys, but this is a bit rubbish.

  3. Have no option for it, and I would defo like this. Amazon I feel just a Price, have only recently started to use our main trading name on Amazon and that was only as we have switched to doing a lot of merchant sales with a multi channel provider and cut down on using FBA.
    Amazon is our 2nd weakest market right now behind 5 others, mainly as it is a battle to the bottom to be fair but adding a bit of identity would help, instead of just being a price.


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