eBay On-Time Delivery now monitoring Royal Mail Tracked 24 & Tracked 48 parcels

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Back in 2015, eBay introduced a new On-Time delivery metric which was supposed to kick in almost a year ago in February 2016. However as the Royal Mail tracking integration with eBay had some problems, eBay have been protecting sellers using Royal Mail  Tracked 24 & 48 and Royal Mail Signed For services from late delivery rate misses.

eBay have been working hard with Royal Mail and they are now receiving up to date tracking information for Royal Mail Tracked 24 and Royal Mail Tracked 48 services. As a consequence, from the 1st of March eBay will no longer protect transactions from any late delivery rate misses when sellers use these services.

The first eBay monthly performance evaluation where these transactions are no longer protected will be the 20th of April 2017.

eBay are still not receiving full tracking for Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For and Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For services and so items sent via Royal Mail Signed For will still enjoy protection under the On-Time delivery metric. eBay will confirm when tracking notifications are in place for these products at which time protection will stop as well.

It’s worth taking a look at your eBay Seller Dashboard and checking your Royal Mail Tracked 24 and Tracked 48 parcels are being noted. Also if you’ve not been bothering to upload tracking numbers it’s time to start doing so if you want an automatic On-Time delivery credit for these parcels.

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  1. “enjoy protection”? ebay need to get real, and not penalise sellers for using 3rd party companies – unless ebay take responibilty for the delivery themselves by acting as a contractor.
    Better ebay spent less time designing logo colours and kicking sellers, and more time getting the site working and achieving some contol of the blatant scammers paradise that is the ebay Money Back Guarantee.

  2. I thought the whole point was that if you uploaded tracking you were protected from late delivery anyway.

    So what is this nonsense?

  3. Please think carefully before uploading tracking info for “automatic On-Time delivery credit”

    You only get the credit if Royal Mail actually deliver in time. I believe that only 92%, last figure I saw at least, of first class post arrives next day. This would give you a late delivery rate of 8%.

  4. Problem is Royal Mail tracking for Tracked 24/48 has lost it’s value since they changed the wording of the tracking to ‘Delivered to your address or a neighbour’. Amazon no longer accept it as proof of delivery in defence of A-Z claims due to the word ‘neighbour’, thought not sure about PayPal/eBay.

  5. RM routinely scan TR48 a day after collection so assume ebay have incorporated this into the dispatch metric?

    Also the cut-offs and delivery promises presented to the buyer are pre-historic in ecommerce terms. Amazon buyers are getting tempted into fast delivery options. On ebay there’s very little ability to offer fast services to buyers at a premium. Currently items bought from us before 2pm and are delivered the following morning. I can’t advertise that to buyers on ebay. They got told it’ll show up in two days.

    And don’t get me started on Friday afternoon standard purchases expected on Monday (a next-day service). I’ve yet to be persuaded that ebay have their maths right (at least noone there has been able to explain precisely how they deal with weekends and bank holidays)

    When it is fixed, I’m prepared to bet that it doesn’t work in business policies.

    Ebay has its work cut out on delivery. It was the battleground of 2015 and they are just about there. So well done on persuading Royal Mail to share data that’s quite a hard thing to do, but completely the wrong battle.

  6. I set my dispatch time to 3 days. Never had a late delivery since. Only a couple of non deliveries for which eBay still blame the seller anyway. Why bust a gut pleasing eBay Towers? Forget 1 day dispatch & your eBay placing. It’s all BS. Although it depends how much competition you have & how much you value a measly 10% discount on your seller fees I suppose. My sales have not changed since I stopped jumping through all the hoops – still rubbish since they destroyed my overseas trade. If only they would make the damn shopping carts multicurrency like eBay.de they would start to gain a bit of respect. No Top Rated Seller support for TRS sellers anymore. No option to give postal discounts & combined purchases. No more “collections” displayed to the right of search results. I could go on but It’s pointless.

  7. I agree with Don, we changed our dispatch time to 2 days, charge postage (over cost to cover expenses) on just about everything and every month we sell more and more, I dont want to be faced with a stressful life for a 10% discount on fee’s, we worked it out that the 10% discount is a 10% off 10% fees, so your discount is an extra 1% (somebody will prove me wrong) – extra 1% = 300% more stress, we deal in small vintage / retro stuff, minimum I will make is to double the price paid, most of the time I times the cost by 10 to get the selling price and still fill 3 postage bags a day – why do I need the stress of trying to get items out same day, just had a guy on today – bought Sunday, asked where it was Today (Wednesday) and why it had not arrived and if it was not going to arrive he need a refund, item was on a dispatch time of 3 days and a 3-5 day carrier postage, don’t need the stress so just refunded him, somebody else will buy it

  8. I can not understand the “its only 10%” – I guess we may be a larger company than most but to give you a clue that is well into a 4 figure sum for us (almost 5).

    We offer same day dispatch and only use 1st class royal mail (RM24) and next day courier (DPD/PF)… well apart from the locations which it is not possible like scottish highlands and british isles. Actually that also includes Northern Ireland which we charge extra for courier delivery but have no way of altering the delivery estimate, so we just have a disclaimer on our listings.

    Anyway, despite all of that we are currently at 1.27% for late deliveries and of course receive the TRS discount. We have no complaints with the current TRS system.

    I honestly can not see the logic/problem behind not meeting the TRS requirements as they stand.

  9. I understood that sellers are supposed to be protected as long as tracking shows Acceptance within the despatch deadline, even if delivery is late.

    That was the whole point of encouraging tracking, whilst at the same time penalising everybody who used non-tracked services.

    So none of this makes any sense.

    You are protected from defects if A) you use tracked and B) tracking shows acceptance within your stated despatch time, even if delivery is late.

    Has Ebay changed this subsequently ????

  10. Had cause to ring Royal Mail last week. Spoke to our account manager, he said he did not have the authority to speak to me. I asked to speak his supervisor, he replied he did not have one. Asked for name of his manager, his reply … MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.
    This is the calibre of managers employed by Royal Mail.
    No management at the top leading to power crazy staff at the lower levels.
    We spend 10k monthly with Royal Mail. Now moving to UK mail.


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