The EU want to know what you think of Amazon and eBay

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eu-commission-hmIn a follow up to it’s Digital Single Market Strategy, the EU Commission is researching how good B2B relations are between online retailers and marketplaces, and overall between platforms and their business partners. The aim is to find out any B2B practices that may present problems for small businesses and they say “positive examples of redress”.

To find out, a survey conducted by a third party on behalf of the EU Commission will run until the 31st January. Any answer you give will be treated as confidential so don’t worry that a marketplace or partner will find out what you think of their services.

Realistically when you read the questions, you’ll find it hard to tick any boxes or give any positive examples of redress. You’ll be asked which dispute resolution services you may have used in your dealings with platforms, but to to me the survey seems much more interested in problems you have with marketplaces rather than compliments.

Completing the survey should take no more than 10-15 minutes maximum and many of the 30 questions are quick tick box answers.

4 Responses

  1. Having just completed the survey, most of my responses gave Ebay the bottom rating.

    The question about being able to negotiate the terms and conditions for trading on Ebay made me fall off my chair laughing.

    As in, if you have any questions or don’t accept these changes, please click here – [close your account link]

    Ha Ha Ha

  2. I’d really love to see them taken to task over their numerous abuses, but i cant see the EU doing much that translates into any benefit for me, still, form filled in, and even trying to be generous about it, it was hard to give ebay a + on anything.

  3. Well I spent the survey absolutely trouncing Amazon.

    Amazon need to be held to account for their absolutely atrocious customer service, which in my opinion has become worse than eBay’s.

    Suspending 3 products (which have thousands of sales and 4.8* positive feedback) because one misinformed customer complains that the products are fake. Then having to deal with an unspecific query on how we are going to resolve a problem (Without providing any details) and getting back bot replies asking the same questions. Somehow we’re supposed to acknowledge a problem we don’t have full information on or know about, or is true.

    I haven’t had any account suspensions yet, but I live in constant fear that Amazon could do this at any time for any reason and then have to deal with a bot or terrible customer service to get it re-instated.

    Just general atrocious customer service for a company we pay over £100k a year.


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