UK Delivery Firms ranked in MoneySavingExpert poll has run a survey asking 11,354 consumers to rank delivery firms based on their experiences during 2016. They asked consumers to “Please rate your experience with each of these firms DURING THE LAST YEAR” with options to rank delivery companies as ‘Great’, ‘OK’ or ‘Poor’.

The results are both expected and unexpected at the same time, perhaps showing that user perception of a company is almost as important as the service delivered.

An example of the expected is that we are all aware that DPD are a market leader with their tracking notifications, one hour (reducing to 15 minute close to delivery) time slots, online Predict & Follow My Parcel services and an excellent tracking mobile app. It’s not surprise to see DPD come out on top with 71% ranking their service as ‘Good’.

Unexpected however, is that Interlink, owned by DPD with pretty much the same tracking and delivery experience, only achieved a ‘Good’ ranking of 32%. Apart from the name, how can a near identical service be ranked so much lower if it’s not based on expectations rather than performance?

Similarly UK Mail were ranked at 25% ‘Good’, but iPostParcels (owned by UK Mail) only achieved 16% ‘Good’ ratings.

Results between premium express services and cheaper economy services may be skewed again on perception rather than reality. It’s likely that one bad delivery experience will colour a consumer’s impression of a company a long time into the future regardless how good future performance is.

What is worth calling out is that we hear a never ending stream of complaints about Amazon Logistics, but the reality is that in this snap shot of consumer satisfaction, Amazon Logistics scored 46% ‘Good’ ratings compared with the average across the industry of 33.9%

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Taken with a pinch of salt, as the general public whom this was aimed haven't got a clue & it looks like the old media stories hitting yodel, but not Collect+, which uses the Yodel network. As mentioned how can Interlink be scored 39% less than DPD when they're exactly the same company with the exception that Interlink is the franchised business. No wonder DPD are renaming the Interlink business. Similarly TNT is now owned by FedEx

Toby • 26th January 2017 •

It's a self-selecting poll, so not very scientific. Plus, the users of the Money Saving Expert forums are a special breed, to say the least.

Daniel • 26th January 2017 •

Interestingly, they have given Hermes/Myhermes one column, with respect Hermes is the corporate network which includes next day service ( next etc ), whilst Myhermes is the standard, so in effect the corporate side could be just as good as DPD and the standard side has killed its ranking. so im with toby on this ( pinch of salt ! )

vinny • 27th January 2017 •

all these companys reputation depend on their individual drivers

Stand & Deliver • 27th January 2017 •

The worrying part is DPD who send out a 1hr delivery slot time only got 70%. What do some want to make an excellent service?

Rob • 1st February 2017 •