Amazon is the top UK advertiser on Google Paid Search

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Amazon was the top UK retailer in paid search advertising over the course of the last year according to new rankings released today by the Kantar Media company AdGooroo.

The study – which ranked the top 20 UK paid search advertisers based on Google UK desktop text ad clicks on the top 50,000 keywords between January and December 2016 – revealed that Amazon generated almost 35 million clicks, over 8.5 million more than the next advertiser in the ranking.

In some ways it’s not surprising that Amazon are the biggest paid search advertiser, they are after all the biggest retailer in the world and the reason sellers can be so successful on their marketplace is because they have the traffic. It’s only a small part of Amazon’s business though, they’re much more interested in consumers who start their search on Amazon.

It becomes very obvious why Amazon do their utmost to tie customers into their Amazon Prime program. Advertising costs money, but with Prime consumers pay an annual fee to devour products from Amazon, albeit in return for free shipping, video and a host of other benefits.

Our findings not only reveal the top paid search advertisers in the UK but also mirror the most popular industry sectors in the UK market: retail, travel and financial services. In particular, the presence of so many travel brands at the top of the ranking highlights a particularly competitive market for companies in this sector.
– Eric Marcy, Chief Revenue Officer at AdGooroo.

Top UK paid search advertisers in 2016

Top UK paid search advertisers by desktop ad clicks
Based on Desktop Text Ad Clicks on 50,000 Top Keywords, Jan-Dec 2016


4 Responses

  1. Paid for links have to be clicked on for a fee to be debited. Organic search is free. When searching organically for product ebay does normally appear. Amazon offer prime, paid for music services, ebooks and other electronic type services that ebay do not offer. And Amazon do actually sell their own hard product. Clear benefits here for Amazon to pay for click throughs. How are bread and butter ebay fee paying sellers going to feel if ebay push the products of certain selected sellers by using paid for links for their products? Unhappy maybe? If you want ebay to pay for links to your products then by all means pay for it yourself through additional fees! I am content to have free organic search and I don’t want to subsidise paid for ebay search for others!

  2. eBay pay for Shopping Ads if your EAN matches an item that appears in Google Shopping from another source

    We did an exercise of changing EANs on eBay as we didn’t want this to happen as it meant our eBay listings were appearing on a Google Shopping ads for our own Website so not that useful for some seller who have their own website too. We’d much rather sell on our website than eBay obviously.


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