DPD up their game yet again with DPD Precise Deluxe

DPD are without a doubt the innovation leaders in UK couriers, where they go others follow and they’ve driven forward the customer service element with predicted time slots, on the fly delivery changes and a superb mobile app to enable consumers to track and manage incoming parcels.

Now at the 2017 Delivery Conference they’ve announced DPD Precise Deluxe, building on DPD Precise which they announced last year.

DPD Precise Deluxe will be built into retailers checkouts so consumers can choose their preferred delivery slot at the point of purchase rather than on the fly once the parcel is en route. By integrating DPD Precise Deluxe into checkout, retailers can give their customers the promise of a timed delivery slot increasing consumer confidence that they won’t miss a delivery.

The whole premise of Precise is that rather than telling the consumer their parcel is on it’s way and when it will arrive, DPD ask the customer “When do you want your parcel?”. Precise already does this, Precise Deluxe simply asks the question at the point of sale rather than after despatch and that strikes me not only as an eminently sensible evolution of the service but also a pretty amazing service for a retailer to offer.

DPD Precise Deluxe will launch later on the 20th February.

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and since ebay's consumer-concious policies have banned any kind of active content, it'll be completely impossible to implement this handy improvement for ebay customers.

james • 2nd February 2017 •