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When I ran a full time business and shared a warehouse with my friend John we had three label printers running off three different computers. There was a Royal Mail thermal printer (running on an XP machine as that’s the only thing that would support it at the time), a Parcelforce thermal printer and Interlink labels running off a dedicated laser printer. Frankly it was a nightmare and I well remember the acres of yellow glassine backing paper that was supposed to go in the bin but ended up strewn across the warehouse floor by the end of every day.

We also had a couple of laser printers spewing out orders which then had to be matched with the appropriate shipping label and parcel.

That’s why I was interested to talk to Julian Pickford, a director at Duplex Thermal Printers. He told me that today a single printer can replace the five that John and I used, to print despatch notes and labels onto a single thermal label, streamlining the entire process:

What do Duplex Thermal Printers do?

Duplex Thermal Printers print both sides of a two sided thermal label, allowing you to print a despatch label and despatch/returns note at the same time.

Many businesses use a desktop laser printer to print their A4 despatch notes and one or maybe two thermal printers for their outbound despatch labels. Unlike a laser printer, the duplex thermal printer requires no toner, fuser or drum. All it needs is a duplex thermal label.

The back of the label is used to print despatch/returns information, making a mismatch of despatch note and label almost impossible.

What am I saving?

Duplex Thermal Printers save time and money. For example, a six inch deep despatch label with despatch/returns information on the reverse side is printed in just 2-3 seconds. Pre-printed despatch notes, A4 paper, labels and document enclosed wallets are no longer required on the packing bench and don’t need to be taken to other packing benches throughout the warehouse.

Duplex Thermal Printers save space: A single device on your packing bench instead of 2 or 3 printers saves space and there are no costly toners, fusers and despatch notes to purchase, distribute and store. All you need is a duplex thermal printer and duplex thermal labels.

No more pieces of label backer all over the floor. All parts of the label are used, so no more picking up or emptying the bins of yellow glassine backing paper from standard thermal labels, saving your business time and money. Great for the environment as well. Zero waste! A leaner, faster and greener way to despatch.

Why would I pay for labels when I get a thermal printer and labels free from my designated Carrier Company?

Your carrier may give you a free thermal printer and labels, but this can often result in having to use a laser printer and 2 or 3 thermal printers from the different carrier networks you use, each requiring a different label. You then have a match up the despatch note or packing list with the labels. What if all documents are dropped on the floor or the picker is distracted mid pick? Duplex Thermal Printers reduce the chances of error dramatically and gives you everything you need from one printer.

This saves space on the packing bench and the simplicity of using one size of label.

We supply the printers, different size label options, software and support to make this a simple effective solution for your business.

How much will it cost me?

The printers are around £899.00 + VAT with the labels available from as little as 2-3p per label but both depend on order quantity and label size.

Will it integrate with my software?

Each Duplex Thermal Printer comes with a Windows GDI Driver that allows you to print on both sides of the duplex thermal label, simply from a two page document.

For more complex systems where data is output from two different platforms, the technical team at DTP and Toshiba are available to talk through options on how to integrate this quickly and practically into your current system.

Duplex Thermal Printers have already integrated directly with the WMS of many clients. Linnworks are planning to modify their label printing routines to work with Duplex Thermal Printers by the end of March 2017.

Why would someone use Duplex Thermal Printers over competitors?

We have successfully integrated Duplex Thermal Printers into operations from as few as two printers to as many as 60 printers in an ecommerce operation. The solution has transformed the speed and efficiency of their operations and enhanced the customer experience of their brand. We offer an experienced, knowledgeable service with a friendly, professional team to ensure we deliver this solution successfully into your business.

What would your ideal customer look like?

Duplex Thermal Printers are the perfect fit for eBay traders, ecommerce businesses and fulfilment/logistic operations who want to simplify their despatch operation and use one printer and label to create their despatch paperwork.

What else would you like to tell Tamebay’s readers?

Please view our video to see the range of possible applications for the duplex thermal printer.

We have created duplex thermal gift message cards and we can preprint a message on the reverse side of the label in up to four colours and also underneath the label so that all parts are used, further enhancing the value of this solution.

We also offer an innovative ‘fast ship’ option aimed at retailers who need to attach an outbound label and include order information on ready boxed items but without having to open the box in order to insert it. This will also be available for Print and Apply applications on automated lines in the near future. The label is fastened to the box, peeled back which then reveals the order details. and Toshiba were recognised and rewarded for their innovation using duplex thermal printers in the operations at, Europe’s largest online supplier of premium beauty products, when we won the Logistics IT Business Award for Printing and Labelling in the Supply Chain in 2015.

We offer a full end to end service from Integration support, design, supply of printers, labels and cleaning kits in addition to a return to base and on site maintenance.

Contact Duplex Thermal Printers

Duplex Thermal Printers are based at 1-6 John Street, Darwen, Lancashire, BB3 1DH

You can contact them on +44 (0) 1254 870522, via email at [email protected] or direct via the Duplex Thermal Printers website.

8 Responses

  1. Had me interested till I saw the price of £899…. Thought it was April the 1st for a moment then!!!

    £200 for a thermal printer for Royal Mail, that runs on Windows 7, UKMail, DPD all have again Apps that work with Windows 7 now, so we only need 1 thermal printer for 5 different platforms….

    Then to add that Royal Mail give us the labels, that also happen to be the correct size of UKMail, DPD, so hell why would I spend £899 on a printer, and then 2p – 3p for a label…..

    People would really really have to have to much money left at the end of the month to do this.

  2. Interesting to say the least. We pay £200 for toner twice a year plus integrated label paper. We run emergency labels to thermal printer if we run out of toner or paper but like to provide invoices.

    Is this likely to be integrated with Aimco?

  3. One must wonder why amazon uses thermal printers for their labels and receipts?
    They must have found out how useless laser printers are when dealing with millions of orders a day.

    Is it good for printing out 2000-5000 labels a day.?
    Does it work with

  4. hi Julian

    I have had endless laser printer issues with printers less than a few months old due to our volume.

    A4 label sheets jamming internally
    A4 label sheets not getting picked up
    the printer needs a new maintenance kit

    manual feed is too slow and the main paper tray is not designed for the thicker avery type or integrated A4 lables

    I have chuck out a laser printer with less than 12 months of usage every few months or so



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