Embedding video into eBay listings without Active Content

We wrote recently about the use of videos on eBay listings and how you will be able to continue using them even when the new Active Content rules comes into force in the Summer. Find the article here: What about videos and the new eBay Active Content rules?

There was a little confusion on what sellers would need to do to continue using videos in listings. But hep is at hand.

Jim Griffith, known to many as Uncle Griff, has worked for eBay for many years and is active in the seller community and has clarified the situation with a posting on Facebook. You likely have an account and so can access the full information here.

But here’s the gist of what he says: “Starting in June, eBay will start blocking the display of active content in item descriptions. The listings themselves will still be accessible to buyers but any added features that use active content (for example, Flash, Javascript, iframes etc) will not display.

The big question on many sellers’ minds is “How do I embed a YouTube video into my description?” YouTube’s current embed code will not work on eBay (it uses iframes and they are not supported inside an eBay description).

There is a way using eBay compliant-HTML 5.0 tags for “object”

Here is the block of HTML code that we will use to embed a video into a current listing:

<div style=”text-align: center;”><object data=”paste_URL_here” type=”text/html” width=”420″ height=”315″></object></div>

So,the good news is that you can continue to use videos using HTML5. But how big a task is it going to be for you to amend your listings?

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great stuff thank you

jimmy riddles • 17th March 2017 •

No code, just a quotation mark?

Neil • 17th March 2017 •

Sorry - Dan posted the code which included a few <'s and >'s and of course WordPress tried to render it and failed. I've edited them to &lt; and &gt; so that they display instead of render. And just to make life harder I had to edit this comment and put in &amp;lt; to get it to display &lt; grr :-)

Chris Dawson • 17th March 2017 •

no code??

Dave • 17th March 2017 •

The code from his post is here:

Adrian • 17th March 2017 •

Someone didn't ready this article before hitting that post button.... tut tut

Danny • 17th March 2017 •

I've tried the above solution within the currently disclosed method of blocking active content (<iframe src="ebay_hosted_listing.html" sandbox="allow-popups allow-popups-to-escape-sandbox"></iframe>) and I'm afraid that embedded YouTube video still doesn't work on the latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox. It seems that "allow-scripts" is the parameter that unlocks the "object" tag - and they won't add this. My guess is that Jim Griffith might have got it wrong this time. Maybe eBay will change the blocking method?

Lewis • 17th March 2017 •

Hi Folks, I haven't had a chance to test this yet but it may be useful: https://www.isdntek.com/tagbot/YouTubeConverter.htm

Andre • 17th March 2017 •

nope, it embeds an iframe, that wouldnt have worked before these new changes, let alone after.

james • 17th March 2017 •

Can I suggest that TameBay change their styling for hyperlinks, grey hyperlinks against grey text is not the easiest to spot. Or at least underline links?

Steve • 20th March 2017 •


Tom • 20th March 2017 •

In case its browser specific.... this is what I see on Safari: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wk5i5vooilqy7m7/Screenshot%202017-03-20%2015.39.43.png?dl=0 "Dan Wilson' Link is underlined, but article links are very subtle in their difference to the article text. Just trying to help

Steve • 20th March 2017 •

I have the code for eBay figured out and it works. I have a picture of the code at this link. https://files.secureserver.net/0suxLJ11hzIZgv Trouble is, you need to host your videos somewhere and I can't find anywhere to host them that doesn't use a public link to share. And that's a lot of listings for me to change.

Rick • 21st March 2017 •

Though far from ideal will eBay permit a link to say your product video on YouTube put on the listing just as that? The URL and nothing more.

hendreforgan • 22nd March 2017 •

They do say they will allow outside links as long as you add target="_blank" at the end so it opens in a new tab. And it does work with active content turned off. But I still wouldn't go changing your listings just yet. See the code here... https://files.secureserver.net/0s5vMD5yD0IA4E See it in action here https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wonder-Mouse-Jokes-Novelties-Magic-Tricks-/391730188974?hash=item5b34f052ae

Rick • 22nd March 2017 •

Rick, That technically doesn't follow the policy, see: https://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/listing-links.html it says The video should be embedded in the listing Not sure if the code above is compliant or not

Jason • 1st April 2017 •

This is what eBay now says for replacing active content... https://pages.ebay.com/sell/itemdescription/bestpractices.html Including a Product Video You can include videos in your listing using the HTML code below. While some video hosting sites do not fully support HTML5, we're working with popular sites to provide a solution in early 2017. Before you post a video, make sure you understand the eBay Links policy for more information on restrictions/requirements for videos in listings. Here's some code to embed a video in your listing: (won't post here. See page link to see the code) Unless you follow the guidelines above, you should avoid embedding product videos. _________________________________________ This code does work with the no active content preview turned on but it does not seem to work in the eBay app. Keeping my fingers crossed that eBay keeps it's promise to solve this soon but I'm not holding my breath

Rick • 1st April 2017 •

Also, it may just be the Apple eBay app that is affected. I found this. What is changing with Apple security? Apple provides a security feature called App Transport Security (ATS) to all iOS apps and app extensions. ATS is enabled by default and ensures all HTTPS connections use industry recommended standards. How does this affect my listings? If you have customized item description or other content that includes images, links, and other URLs that are not hosted by eBay and the hosting sites are not ATS compliant, these images and links will not work as expected on devices and applications that meet the latest industry security standards.

Rick • 1st April 2017 •