UK and USA ban large electronics from hand luggage on some flights

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The USA, shortly afterwards followed by the UK, has introduced restrictions on carrying electronic devices in hand luggage on planes originating the the Middle East and Africa.

The new rules mean that nothing bigger than a smartphone can be carried on a plane from these destinations. Laptops, iPads and most e-readers including Kindles are affected by the ban. Anything over 16.0cm x 9.3cm x 1.5cm will have to be checked into the planes hold.

One major effect of the new policy will be on business travellers who are accustomed to taking hand luggage only. No more laptops in hand luggage not only entails extra cost for checking in luggage, but also an unwelcome delay upon landing to wait at the luggage carousel to retrieve your laptop. Travellers should also be aware that many insurance policies don’t cover electronics on planes unless they’re carried on as hand luggage.

Doubtless the new restrictions are in response to specific terrorist threats. That being the case it’s somewhat bizarre that the US and UK have imposed the restrictions on travellers from different countries. The restrictions also don’t take account of the fact that a traveller can easily re-route their journey onto a flight via a transit airport.

If you’re travelling, whether on business or leisure, to one of the affected countries, seriously consider leaving your larger electronic devices at home. It might be easy to take them out of the country, it might prove a bit more troublesome on your return flight to the UK or USA.

Large electronic items flight restrictions

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  1. It would be helpful if Airlines placed all laptops in one secure hold so that they stand less chance of being stolen by baggage handlers. They could be identified by check in labels issued by the Airline and retrieved at a specific desk on arrival.



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