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eBay has taken a closer look at the nation’s packing habits; delving into how Brits prepare to move home and discovered that Britain is a nation of ill-prepared ‘Packing Procrastinators’ with over a quarter (28%) starting to fill boxes only a week before moving day

Over one in ten of Brits confess they are ‘Packing Procrastinators’; confirming they spend more time thinking about their move than actually planning for the pack. An impulsive quarter of respondents procrastinate until the week of the move before kicking the process into gear, as they underestimate how long it will to take to pack up their possessions and 9% regret not tackling the mammoth task sooner.

Due to this slapdash moving technique, over half of movers have forgotten a beloved item when packing up their home, to the cost of £553 per household move (that’s over £4,200 in a lifetime).

The solution? A one-stop shopping haven for home-movers, the Home Move hub on eBay UK is a dedicated on-site space for movers and shakers; with everything from expert tips and tricks, to packing essentials and storage solutions. It’s a curated destination for all home move needs, pulling together the best and most relevant inventory from eBay sellers and promoting this to audiences that are about to move or are in the process of doing so. The hub offers instant inspiration, allowing shoppers to browse the best home and interiors brands from the high street alongside boutique sellers.

As well as the obvious products split into moving in or moving out categories, the Home Move hub pulls together curated products for everything from packing supplies, decorating and tools to sofas and tables neatly segmented by area of the house. There are also a selection of guides with tips to make your current house more attractive to buyers and for sprucing up your new home along with videos and top tips from experts.

“We all understand the pressures of moving to a new house and putting our lives into cardboard boxes can feel like a monumental task. With the refreshed Home Move hub, we hope to help Britain move a little better by providing a simple one-stop shop at your fingertips with a wide range of products and tips tailored for every type of move.”
– Rhian Bartlett, Senior Retail Director at eBay

You may wonder what this has to do if you’re products aren’t in the Home Hub – it’s a destination eBay can market to attract and engage buyers, and as always if they look at any of the products in eBay’s Home Hub they’ll be exposed to similar items. Anything that gets buyers spending time on eBay, even if they don’t purchase this visit, has to be good for all sellers in the long run.


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