Codisto adds Amazon support for Magento and WooCommerce

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Codisto have launched their Amazon integration for Magento and WooCommerce to complement their existing eBay integration.

There are obvious efficiencies to maintaining existing platform and business processes when adding in marketplaces. One pool of inventory, one listing process and pricing structure and one set of shipping policies is much easier to maintain than running your website and each marketplace as a separate entity. With Codisto’s marketplace connect, you run your business on Magento or WooCommerce and orders from eBay and Amazon are transferred to your website platform immediately as well as inventory being adjusted.

“Codisto’s ’MarketPlace Connect’ plugin offers merchants the easiest and fastest way to access the millions of customers regularly buying from Amazon’s global marketplace.

It’s a very deep, quality plugin offering full SAAS integration with real-time performance that’s very fast to setup and simple to use. We have enjoyed fantastic success since we launched our eBay integration in 2015. Adding Amazon integration was a natural extension for Codisto and we expect to quickly see merchants from all over the world take advantage of the solution.”
– Jonathan Pollard, CEO Codisto.

5 Responses

  1. I am always concerned when I look at systems that are “tax” based in their pricing, it costs no more to process a sale of £100 than it does a sale of £20.

    Presently I am using WordPress so use both the Ebay & Amazon plugins from WP Listerthat cost me $150.00 per year each. They work regardless of how many orders / items I list.

    I am in the process of changing to Magento and have looked at moving to use the Expandly system, which seems to have a set low monthly prices

  2. MarketPlace Connect has fixed monthly prices also depending on the number of listings being managed. There is just the option of an orders based pricing model for those users with a large number of listings but low sales order ratio.

  3. The current fixed monthly plan that would be most suitable for me on Codisto would be the Unlimited Orders Plan @ $99 / per month or $79 per month if paid yearly = $948 compared to the $300 I currently pay.

    I have tried Expandly and that is not a system I will be moving to, so I will probably be trying Codisto shortly, once I get Magento to work and upgrade without problems

  4. Remember there are also plans that have no fixed monthly fee. So if you have relatively low sales and a larger number of listings it may make sense to go for the unlimited listings/variable orders plan (either $49+1% or $99+0.5%). Clearly, you have to choose what best suits your business.

    The other comment worth making is that there is more to “cost” that just the ‘sticker’ price of software. If a solution is fast and easy to use and works well relatively to other solutions or doing it manually, the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ (TCO) can be dramatically lower even though the sticker price may be higher.

  5. No, I definately think the Unlimited Orders Plan @ $99 per month, paid foir yearly would be most suitable.

    I have less than 500 listings (240) and if I had to pay 0.5% tax on my sales on the $99 Unlimited Listings Plan would have me paying an extra $3,000 per year above what it costs me at the minute.

    You are right, the system has to be easy and fast to use, unlike Expandly, my current system WP Lister, is, but it only works on Woocomerce and I am looking to move to Magento. I will let you know how I get on if I get to trial it.

    Total Cost of Ownership has to be considered, paying 2x more for the same service at a low cost is ok, paying 10x for the same service is not within budget. This is of course based on turnover and profitability.

    But then if I stay with Woocomerce, I would not have to think about it, the cost would be the same if my turnover was $300 oir$3Million, and with unlimited listings.


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