First interview with Flubit at IRX on the launch of their new marketplace

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Following the news of Flubit launching a full UK marketplace, I was lucky enough to catch Andy Stephen, Head of Partnerships at Flubit for his first interview on the day the marketplace launched.

Andy, as was most of the ecommerce world, was in Birmingham at the InternetRetailing conference and the whole Flubit team were buzzing with excitement at the launch of their marketplace. Aiming to compete with existing marketplace, on their launch day, Flubit had over 1,500 retailers registered on the site offering millions of products and key to success, already have an engaged community of buyers who are already making purchases.

Watch the full interview in the video below:

2 Responses

  1. The new model is a disaster. The existing customer base is used to getting the url from Amazon and getting a lower price. The new model either uses a very poor search engine or the Amazon URL then either no longer offers the item or it is from my searches so far significantly more expensive than Amazon, with a poorer returns policy and a longer time for items to arrive. It has therefore in one stroke totally alienated its existing savvy customer base. I am glad I haven’t invested in this company as I just can’t see why shoppers would bother with it.
    Will give it a couple of weeks to see if it can sort itself out, but then simply use the 2 big players
    I paid for the elite service but the benefits of this seem to have vanished entirely.

  2. Its only real selling point was that it would take a amazon URL and beat the price, and if they couldn’t beat the price tell you.

    For that it was worth putting up with the poor site design and slow interface.

    Now half the URLs don’t work and its usually more expensive if they do work.

    If you try and search for anything the search engine is useless.

    If they have any sense they will go back to the old flubit.


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