Google add PayPal as Android Pay funding source

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Google have added the ability to pay with PayPal via Android Pay, currently only in the US. A new strategic collaboration between Android Pay and PayPal gives new options at checkout and at a stroke makes Android Pay a friend of PayPal instead of a major competitor in the mobile and contactless payments arena.

Initially, users will be able to pay using their PayPal balance but over the coming months PayPal will add the ability to use cards that have been stored with PayPal.

PayPal and Google have been forging a strong partnership since PayPal was added as a payment method within Google Play nearly three years ago and we’re excited for this next phase of our relationship. With our combined reach and leadership in technology and mobile commerce, we can bring more choice and optionality to our joint customers.
– PayPal

PayPal have played with off-line contactless payments with PayPal Check In. Back in 2013, Dan and I went beer drinking and paid with PayPal Check in when it first came out (See the comic strip here) and it was flawless. The thing is I’ve never used it since as there are too few places that I can Check In so I don’t think about it.

I sometimes use my PayPal payment card to make contactless payments, but that’s a bit old hat. I’ve also used the Vodafone mobile wallet linked to PayPal for tap and go payments. If I could link PayPal to Android Pay however, that would almost certainly become my contactless payment method of choice and I’m likely not the own. A good move on PayPal’s part – when is it going to be available in the UK?

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  1. the system can detect when you log on different locations and can limit your account for safety, logging on to a cell mobile can have troubles and give you a nuked account they will make it hard to resurrect the account back


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