How many Featured and Anchor stores on eBay UK just got packaging vouchers?

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Tamebay reader Whirly asked how many Featured and Anchor shops are there in the UK. Or to put it more precisely, as eBay are handing out ten quid vouchers for packaging to Featured Shop owners and twenty quid vouchers to Anchor shops, if everyone spent their voucher how much eBay packaging will be sold to voucher holders each month?

Visiting the eBay shops page, we see that there are 25 eBay shops displaced per page. There are 176 pages of Anchor shops (so assuming eBay’s filters are correct) that’s around 4,400 Anchor shops on eBay. When we filter for featured shops there are 148 pages giving around 3,700 Featured shops.

Frankly I’m surprised, I’d have expected there to be many more Featured Shop than Anchor shops. Perhaps the vast majority of people are serviced by a Basic eBay shop and make the jump from Basic to Anchor, or are there some eBay incentives to get Brands and High Street retailers to take out an Anchor shop which could explain the higher number of this type of shop?

What’s the total value of packaging vouchers eBay will give out monthly?

So now the maths:
3,700 x £10 plus 4,400 x £20 = £125,000

Based on the number of shops displayed by the eBay filters we can expect £125,000 worth of vouchers to have been given out and if they’re all spent then eBay’s Branded Packaging parter (SwiftPak branded supplies) is likely to be very busy over the next couple of days. It’ll also be anything up to 8,100 individual orders to pick and pack.

Swiftpak currently have just 415 feedback, but more revealing they have left 2,220 feedback for others indicating that they leave feedback first. Keep an eye on their feedback score and, if the eBay vouchers are being spent in quantity, expect their feedback score to see a significant bump on a monthly basis as the vouchers land.

Incidentally, we’d expect the same value of Listings Enhancement vouchers to be distributed.

Finally for what it’s worth – out of the 4,400 Anchor shops it will take the monthly subscription from 465 Anchor shops to fund the packaging vouchers and another 465 Anchor shops to fully fund the Listing Enhancement vouchers.

20 Responses

  1. Anyone say monopoly?

    All these vouchers but no competition as to where to spend it.

  2. we doubt ebays packaging partner will be gaining very little other than exposure from this
    ebay will be squeezing them like lemons

  3. Went to spend my voucher and the padded jiffy bags were out of stock. Not a good start.
    Also can the vouchers be rolled over or used in multiples

  4. The vouchers are not worth all they say with any items we may want all incurring £2.99 shipping we get a massive £7.01 to actually spend on usable packaging.
    Then we purchase 6 rolls of tape for £9.17 that we could have bought off ebay for £5.95 as a pack of 6 with free delivery. So realistically they are charging you to advertise eBay all over the tapes and then they charge the packaging seller 10% for the privilege of selling it to you and they ignore their own suggestions that they keep banging on about, that buyers want to see free shipping buy using a company charging £2.99 shipping.
    So to sum it up they increased your shop fees massively and gave you the ability to pay out more to advertise eBay on your stuff. Then they wonder why they are playing catchup.

  5. oh well, I have just got myself 20m of bubble wrap for £2.99…. May as well make use of the voucher, I guess I am paying for it in my Shop’s subs.

    Really tho its a joke, just reduce our shops subs by a tenner a month!!!

  6. Can you use them to buy direct from Swiftpack or Ebay will also be taking a percentage their “gift” back in sales commission

    Reminds me, I must call over to them and buy some packaging direct.

  7. Really feel like this is a bit of a con and designed to discourage people from using the vouchers with them charging postage on orders under £10 and not allowing the voucher to be applied to be used against postage.

    I managed to put together a combination of bubble mailers for £10.13 – not because I need or want them, but wanted to make a point and get it as close to £10 as possible. Can anyone find anything that gets closer?

  8. Pretty pointless “benefit”, yet again not much thought has gone into what is beneficial for the actual seller.

  9. what advantage to anyone, other than ebay , is ebay branding on the

    Large Cardboard House Flat Office Moving Removal Pack Storage Kit

  10. Surely nobody is going to buy any “eBay” packing tape? even with the £10 discount it’s still £10 more than the cheapest fragile tape & it’s not even in colour. Joke!

    36 rolls of Black & white eBay tape for 42.75

    Item 182370062463

    2 Rolls of Coloured eBay tape £17.99

    Item No 302253619569

    36 Rolls of Fragile tape £21.99

    Item 350854052345

  11. I used the £10 voucher, to buy the cheapest boxes to send inventory to Amazon FBA. Compared to other packaging companies Swifts eBay branded products are expensive, therefore I have no intention of paying more for packaging simply to advertise eBay.

    With the amount of marketing eBay could send to their subscribers you would have thought the eBay packaging would be cheaper on the basis of producing in bulk. This is a ludicrous and ill-thought initiative.

  12. I still haven’t received any vouchers (I have an anchor shop). Do they just appear in your ebay messages?

    Not that I particularly want to use them, but it’s part of the deal so I want them!

  13. well were delighted with the £ 10 voucher its saved as a fortune
    some how or other one of our dormant ids had a featured shop and the £10 voucher email sounded the alarm
    an instant cancellation of the shop subscription followed

  14. Just received this:

    Your recent Swiftpak Branded Supplies order

    Due to unexpected popularity of the recent offer we have run, we have experienced an unexpected shortage in stock of some products. We are expecting the new stock to arrive shortly and will dispatch it as soon as it arrives. You will receive your full order by Wednesday 12th April 2017. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Our priority is the complete satisfaction of our customers and we pride ourselves on our excellent service and prompt delivery.

    We are making every effort to ensure that such delay in shipping products will not occur again.
    We appreciate your patience and look forward to trading with you in the future.

    Kind Regards,

    Swiftpak Branded Supplies


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