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It looks like Amazon is making changes to how they structure their ASINs and offer content to shoppers. As it stands, this changes are unconfirmed and we’ve only heard from sellers on so far. If you have any more information then do please share it in the comments or email us.

The changes are regarding the bullet points that you can provide for your ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number.) Previously you were permitted to add bullets totalling 2k characters. It now seems that they will be limited to 500 characters. See the illustration above for the bullets in question.

It also seems that the ASINs affected are just new ones, rather than those currently in place.

This is clearly a move intended to make descriptions more pithy and user friendly. It doubtless also intended to make mobile description and product displays more attractive. It seems that you can still add additional bullets to the ASIN to make sure that you get your product details across.

We’d be keen to hear more if you have any additional information.

3 Responses

  1. From an API perspective there 5 “BulletPoints” allowed, with a max length of 500 characters each. As of 03/05/17, this is still true.

    The flat-file upload layouts i.e. “Add my products by upload” from Seller Central seem to be stating:

    “An alphanumeric string; 100 characters maximum length per bullet point. Please do not include the bullet point. Note: Type 1 High ASCII characters (®, ©, ™, etc.) or other special characters are not supported.”

    So, API uploads would be 2500 characters in total, and 500 via the spreadsheet.

    I’ve uploaded an example here: & you can see how much data is available.

    I guess for now, Sellers who need more than 500 characters would need to use a third party listing tool like Volo to achieve this or build their own integration to Amazon

  2. Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify merchants can use Codisto to take advantage of the increased 2500 characters using their product that also automatically deals with all the character encoding issues.

  3. whaaaaaaat/ Sorry to be so naive, but the TOS used to be 100 characters per bullet point, for kitchen and dining, there were 5 bullets allowed. but that was not adhered to. So what is it now? Are they now strictly adhering to the 100characters per bullet? Or have they increased it to 500 per bullet.


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