eBay UK Spring 2017 Seller Release: Performance Standards

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eBay will be changing performance standards to make sure you UK metrics are protected from any overseas defects.

International Standards and new protections

eBay currently measure standards across 4 regions: UK & Ireland; US; Austria, Germany & Switzerland; and Global. from August 2017:

  • Each transaction will only count towards either your Global or UK & Ireland seller performance standards – never both.
  • Each transaction will count towards your Global or UK & Ireland seller performance standards based on where the item is posted to, rather than where the buyer is registered.

Furthermore, eBay improving how you are protected when selling in emerging markets. From May onwards:

  • Late deliveries will no longer count against your late delivery rate metric, provided you let eBay know the item has been dispatched on time and make it right with the buyer if any problems occur.
  • eBay will remove negative or neutral Feedback caused by delivery delays, from buyers in emerging markets.

eBay will protecting your Global seller level after these changes are made, to give you time to adjust:

  • eBay Top-Rated Seller: Your status will be protected for 6 months.
  • Above Standard Seller: Your account will be protected from falling Below Standard for 3 months.

Ontime Delivery metric to go down to 3%

From August 2017 the late delivery rate requirement for eBay Top-rated Sellers will drop from 4% to 3%. Your seller standards dashboard status preview will reflect the new threshold starting from 20 July.

Basically ecommerce standards are always rising, eBay say that they are now getting better tracking from Royal Mail and they want more of your shipments to arrive on time. However, from May 2017, late deliveries to many countries in eBay’s Global region will no longer count against your Global late delivery rate metric (nor will they count to your UK late delivery metric). For deliveries to emerging markets you can manually mark items as dispatched as well as adding tracking details, where available. Buyers can tell eBay if the item arrived on time.

3 Responses

  1. I’m starting to wonder if anyone will start have Top Rated Status after August…

  2. First they increase the shop subscription fees & now they reduce the late delivery percentage!?! It’s like they are trying to loose business. It’s a lot more than a little badge in the corner of my listings. I’ll also loose 10% saving on final value fees let alone a decrease in sales. eBay are really starting to prove to me how much they are actually against the sellers. Don’t they want to make more money?!?

  3. I appreciate that customers want fast delivery and to be honest eBay has to keep them happy to keep us all happy. But for items of little value where a tracked service was offered and nobody would use it anyway they really should have a minimum item cost where the late delivery rate does not apply. Any items 2 quid or under tracked postage would cost more than the item so the customer would not pay it and the seller cannot consume it in the cost of the item.

    It does not seem thought out very well. We have a 1 days postage time but actually post the same day and we still get a huge amount of ‘late’ items so Royal Mail are not telling the truth on there percentage of late deliveries or people are lying! We post everything a day early and still get marked as late. Surely there haul be a minimum item level before this applies or it should be inline with what ever % of late deliveries royal mail have and it should also track this up and down.


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