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I’ve known Jane Bell for over a decade, having first met her on the ‘PowerSeller Panels’ at eBay Universities, long before Tamebay was born.

As well as running her own business, Jane has helped hundreds of businesses over the years. She’s an expert in Best Match and can delve into a listing and almost instantly tell you why it’s not performing as well as it should. One of the things I really like about Jane is that she demonstrates her success measured against how your eBay metrics perform – her goal is to drive the green lines on your seller reports upwards and she knows how to get it done!

Jane has also been a regular contributor to Tamebay with many guest posts published over the years.

Who is the eBay Anorak?

I’m a total eBay addict and eBay Anorak by name and by nature. My background is in Cost Analysis, Product Costing, Management Accounts, Human Resources and Payroll. I grew up in a self employed family and I’ve been trading on eBay since August 2002 first as a hobby seller and then full time after being made redundant.

I took the Education Specialist trained by eBay Qualification in 2008 and have been helping eBay sellers grow for nine years. I have four eBay businesses that I work regular hours with on a weekly basis and a client base of over 100 businesses seen at regular intervals.

What do you offer?

Whatever eBay help you need. Anything from 1 hr surgery ad hoc help, to managing listings and fulfilment for UK and European clients.

My most successful service is the daily eBay Consultancy service, this is an intense day with 30 days support to follow. I can help with listing upgrades, promotions management or any part of eBay selling advice or help you need. You’ll not find any contracts, no death by PowerPoint, no get rich quick schemes just honest time served eBay experience and advice tailored to your account and your eBay business that simply works.

Why would a retailer use you instead of your competitors?

I have 15 years eBay trading experience over many categories and businesses. I have a top rated seller account and run a featured store in addition to managing other accounts for UK and European sellers. I’m addicted to eBay and I live and breathe the site 12/7 and read everything so you don’t have to. I know how eBay works and how to get the best from it, you know your business and category and it’s where these two merge we get the resulting boost in traffic and sales. I’m an eBay Best Match search geek… just an eBayAnorak.

Tell us about the different services you offer

  • Full day consultancy & 30 day support package at your premises or you and your team travelling to me in South Derbyshire.
  • 1 hour eBay Surgery over web screenshare (GoToMeeting)
  • You can book and pay online on my website for the above services.
  • Listing and account management service available. Whatever eBay selling help you need, just ask.

What would your ideal client look like?

I work with many sellers in many categories so there’s no ideal size, I have experience of all types of eBay businesses, small or large. My eBay for business clients range from those managing their eBay business from home in their spare time taking ad hoc hours in online meetings when required to my largest clients with turnovers i excess of £50m per annum. I see many companies on a regular basis to make sure they are up to date with all the eBay changes and policies to get the best from their eBay shop and listings.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell Tamebay readers?

I can provide references and contact details of current clients if required, you can book an eBay Consultancy day or an online meeting at If you would just like a chat to see how I can help your eBay business? Book a free call online.

I like to grow green lines on your eBay seller hub, call the eBayAnorak!

Contact the eBayAnorak

You can contact Jane on +44 (0) 115 714 9996 or via email at [email protected] as well as booking at

11 Responses

  1. Lovely write-up on a very worthy subject! I was privileged to supply an item for the Anorak’s eBay wardrobe (via eBay, of course) and am so glad to know Jane. She is an eBay powerhouse! Wish she would come over to our side of The Pond…

  2. The impression I get from the Tamebay board and from Ebay’s direction of travel is that the focus is increasingly on items with product identifiers.

    But there’s a huge area on Ebay without a single product identifier in sight – namely collectables.

    Obviously, the seller’s knowledge of their field is main factor here, but what can an Ebay Anorak offer where you are dealing in thousands of one-off individual items?

  3. a logical and rational search is all we want or need
    if a buyer searches for a simple term such as antique silver we would like the antique silver available on the site to be presented to them
    not spend out lives filling item specifics that duplicate categories that are coded by a wet earred wizz kid that would not know a vinaigrette from his vesta

  4. What ebay requires and what the customer requires can be two very different things. I make handmade rosaries. But the listings are swamped by cheap glass and plastic tat from China. When I say amethyst, this means real amethyst stone. When China says amethyst in the listing, it means glass. When ebay actually deigns to give me visibility, I do very well, with many repeat customers. My feedback is to die for. because my customers love the individuality and craftmanship of my work. I lose out because items are individual pieces and therefore do not have product identifiers like manufactured stuff. Cassini does me no favours at all and ebay fees are a rip-off given the amount of time it actually allows my customers to find me. I shall be heading elsewhere this summer!

  5. Hi Jane,

    I contacted you via your site on Thursday but have not received a reply yet.

  6. just had a half hour with Jane. it was well worth
    the time, Jane is so informative and it is time well spent. now all i have to do is implement her advice which there was so much of that it will take me a little longer than the original meeting time !!!
    thank you again . I know where to come now
    regards roger beale


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