New Amazon Echo coming with screen and phone features

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The Wall Street Journal has reported that, “according to people familiar with the matter”, that Amazon is likely to reveal a new Echo device featuring a touchscreen and phone capabilities, in the next few days.

The new Echo will apparently allow users to use a 7-inch touchscreen that will display answers to verbal questions and also a allow internet-based telephone calls and video-conferencing.

The development seems like a logical next step in the Echo development. Just recently Amazon launched the Echo Look that incorporates a webcam to help buyers shop, especially for fashion goods. We wrote about that here: Amazon Alexa Echo Look: “Does my bum look big in this?

Internet phone calls and video conferencing also seem a natural development for the device. But most interestingly, perhaps, is how this takes Amazon ahead of Google, and the Home device, in the development of these household devices.

This is emerging technology and I know many of you, like I am, will be sceptical about the application of these lifestyle devices. And whilst it’s clear that Amazon is stealing a lead here with the development and deployment of their version, it’s interesting to see this unfold. Have you got one in your home? How do you use it?

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  1. when they first announced the speaker i though, that’s basically just a phone app, lacking a screen.
    now they’ve added a screen and phone capabilities.

    i still dont understand why anyone would want to pay £150 to have their every word monitored, instead of opening an app when you want to use that particular app, for free.

    since they managed to get £150 per unit by taking a phone and removing all the useful bits, surely they’ll be able to realise £300+ per unit with the phone bits put back in?

    if only there were some person who specialised in making phones, and phone-like stuff, actually provided good hardware you might wish to use or own, independent of Alexa, which you could then somehow load software solutions like Alexa onto, as required, and only use them as required.

    nope i’m definitely insane, couldnt possibly work that way.

    it’s actually kind of beautiful in its genius, someone at Amazon knows exactly how stupid the masses are and how to exploit it perfectly.

    bottled air coming soon.
    (but only with prime instant on demand gases & liquids upgrade subscription).


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