Amazon Pantry promo on orders over £60

Amazon is pushing its grocery offering Amazon Pantry. They’re keen to get their share of the UK’s online grocery spend and Pantry is their play.

Amazon said that they want 2% of the national grocery spend. It looks like a small goal but it really means big bucks. That said, reports say that so far the Amazon success has been quite limited. One of the key aspects of grocery shopping is that people are set in their ways and it can be hard for people to swap their habits

The latest promo on offer is free delivery on spends over £60. As the email says: “From now until the end of 30th June 2017, you can enjoy FREE delivery on any orders over £60. Just use the code 60FREE when you check out.” It’s not clear whether this is a universal offer. (I imagine I received it because I’m a Prime subscriber. That said. A £60 minimum spend is quite hefty.)

And there are all sorts of offers available on Amazon Pantry when we looked tonight.

Do you use Amazon Pantry?

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