eBay launches ‘Partner to Sellers’ site Stateside

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Over in the USA, eBay has launched a new page on their eBay.com website to look at how they partner with and help sellers. You can find it here: Partner to Sellers.

As they say: “That’s why we’re especially excited to launch our brand new Partner to Sellers website which serves as a central destination to spotlight our work with and for sellers. Our new site underpins our commitment to helping all sellers succeed and showcases the role we play in helping turn their entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations into reality. For the first time ever, we will be releasing state-by-state data to showcase the positive economic impact eBay has on communities all across the United States.” It’s a decent PR exercise. But there is some useful detail too.

To European eyes it is a tad syrupy. But some of the aspects are very interesting. For starters, it breaks down the contributions and successes of US sellers state by state. And actually, if you look at that, it’s kind of astonishing. To pick out one US state, and it’s Arkansas, for no particular reason: that small southern state saw $126 million in sales in 2016 and 44k sellers ply their trade. 420 charities benefited from goodwill contributions via eBay too. You can pick any of the states here to examine. States like Texas, California see sales in the billions.

We’d love to see a similar map and display related to the UK. It’s tougher because we don’t have similar units like States. But something related to county, city and region would be fascinating to see because we’d get a notion of eBay’s British national influence. And every region’s spending power. We just love this kinda data: get on with it eBay UK, please.


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