How to get started selling on Newegg (Video)

At last week’s Newegg Seller Day they announced that the marketplace is opening up globally in 50 new countries, of which the UK has been a beta country.

Newegg started as a US based tech retailer with a focus on customer service and support. They have an incredibly active community of buyers who share information on different products with each other and, with the launch of Newegg marketplace, UK sellers can tap into the community.

Newegg have put a lot of thought into making things simple for overseas selles, for instance they act as merchant of record so there’s no need to worry about registering for sales tax in every US state or indeed no need to have a US entity to sell on their platform.

We sat down with Newegg’s Sophia Tsao VP Global Marketplace and Jim Merk, Director of Brand Marketing to find out more:

If you’d like to sign up to sell on Newegg go to

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