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Many regular Tamebay readers will be familiar with flubit but may not have revisited the opportunity since they transformed into a fully fledged marketplace earlier this year and the unique differences that set them aside from competitors.

With no set up fees, no listing fees and no final value fees, Flubit’s proposition is to get you sales without the costs we’ve come to associate with marketplace selling and they have another differentiator with the possibility of sales from their partner sites again with no cost to you the retailer.

To update those familiar with Flubit and to introduce it to those who haven’t looked at the marketplace before, we spoke to Flubit COO Steph Fiala to find out more:

Who Are

As an online retailer, there are two things you need to know about

  1. We are the UK’s largest independent online marketplace, working with over 1,500+ UK and Irish online retailers to access more than 60 million products (SKUs).
  2. Our unique business model allows retailers to sell on the marketplace (and our wider network of partner sites) with no set-up, listing or commission charges. Essentially there is no cost to be a retailer.

If you want a little more history, has been around for six years now. Set-up originally as a private demand driven website helping savvy online shoppers save money on products they would typically buy on Amazon, the business has recently evolved into a fully-fledged online marketplace.

Check out the news of the online marketplace launch on Tamebay TV:

Based in London, the company employs a team of ecommerce experts and has attracted more than $20 million in investment. We consider ourselves to be an agile, disruptive start-up with the backing required to really shake-up online retail.

What Makes Different from Other Online Marketplaces?

Our unique, “no fees” business model certainly differentiates from high-cost marketplace operations like eBay and Amazon.

In terms of the many other online marketplace businesses which have attempted to enter the UK market and compete with the big boys – but largely failed, we’ve solved the very complex problem which held them back: No buyers = no retailers, no retailers = no buyers.

By taking our time to build our platform and actively seeking retailers to match customer demands with the right products at the right price, we’ve solved this “chicken and egg” problem. Since our redesign we’re now running at a 400% increase in incarnation and this is growing week on week.

Retailers can be sure they’re listing their products on a buoyant marketplace and buyers can be sure they are going to find the products they are looking for at the right price

What Kind of Retailer Does Well on Flubit?

We work with retailers across most verticals. Typically our retailers have a deep inventory of new brand name products at great prices and can offer their buyers great customer service. Big categories for us include gaming, entertainment, consumer electronics, home and garden and beauty but we are constantly adding to our catalogue and developing new marketplace opportunities.

Since becoming a fully-fledged marketplace, retailers with own-brand or white-label products may also find an opportunity on

How Easy Is It To List Your Products on

It’s incredibly easy to list your products on We have integrations with most of the major online seller tools (ChannelAdvisor, Volo, Linnworks, SellerExpress, etc) and in many cases listing can be as simple as just a few clicks of a mouse. Sellers just need to visit our B2B platform, SKU, to integrate for free.

If you’re not using any multi-channel selling software, you can send us a spreadsheet (as easy as sending products to Google Shopping) or connect to us via our API.

What is SKU Cloud?

SKU Cloud is the technology platform that powers and our wider ecommerce network. Retailers selling via also have the opportunity to list and sell their products across a number of partner sites, including major newspaper group sites, big name discount and voucher code sites and a growing number of white-label eCommerce venues hosted by major shopping, entertainment and information brands.

The SKU Cloud eCommerce network comes with all the benefits of – namely placing your products on high traffic sites with no set-up, listing or final value fees.
Essentially retailers upload their products to SKU Cloud and we do the rest.

Any Final Advice for Online Retailers Regarding Selling on

Seriously, what’s the worst thing that can happen? With no set-up, listing or final value fees and easy integration – you literally have nothing to lose. On the flipside of the coin, as the UK’s largest and fastest growing independent online marketplace, you have potentially very much to gain.

How Does a Retailer Get Started on

Simple, drop us an email at [email protected] or call 020 3745 4483 and we’ll have one of our eCommerce experts walk you through the process.

If you want to learn more about the process, download our Sellers Information Pack.

5 Responses

  1. Why another Advertorial for flubit ?

    They don’t seem to have addressed any of the complaints on their previous Advertorials.

    Unless they are going back to their previous demand based model nobody will take them seriously.

    Oh and that pie face game you pictured is about 25% cheaper on Amazon!

  2. Not sure I get flubit either. First item shown to me HP printer which is a best seller apparently £44.88.

    Same item from HP store £29.99. I can’t believe buyers are that lazy that they don’t compare pricing.

    Also you have to register to checkout, perhaps I’ve woken up in the 90’s.

  3. I see this article has been edited and my comment pointing out they had supplied a screen shot showing sellers live data and just how bad that data was has been removed.

  4. pulling your pants up, when caught with them round your ankles,dont mean your naughty parts ,have not been seen

  5. seen, screen captured and downloaded ready for a complaint to the Data Protection Commissioner!


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