Revisiting Amazon Dash: all of the UK buttons

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Yesterday we reported that Heineken was the latest addition to the Amazon Dash button family. But it seems we weren’t reporting the whole story so it’s worth revisiting Amazon Dash and the buttons and what it means to Amazon. Needless to say it’s all part of the ever-growing Amazon Prime proposition.

It landed in the UK in the second half of last year and we wrote about it then a piece called: Amazon Dash screenless order device launches in the UK. But it’s the branded buttons for specific products that seem to have been the real success.

A Dash Button is a Wi-Fi device that connects you to Amazon’s 1-Click shopping at home. When you click it, you’re ordering the product in question. Orders are confirmed by text. Dash Buttons are available for £4.99, but the £4.99 discount on the first order makes the, essentially free.

Jorrit Van der Meulen is the Vice President of Devices at Amazon and says: “Customers love the convenience of Dash Buttons – feedback has been hugely positive, and we also heard loud and clear that customers wanted more brands and more products across more retail categories. We’re excited to add even more top-name brands for customers, extending the programme to cover dozens of retail categories, with new Dash Buttons from customer-favourite brands.”

The dinky little devices are item specific. So if you want a consignment of loo rolls or washing up liquid then you click the appropriate device (which you’ll like keep close to your existing supply) and it’s added to your next delivery from Amazon. Have you used one?

The selection of Amazon dash buttons now numbers over 65 in the UK with the 20 new ones listed below. It seems worth noting that they seem skewed to household, premium items.

The appeal to brands is well explained by Gina Head, Senior Brand Manager at Whiskas Pouch, said: “We’re always looking for new, innovative ways to make it easier for cat owners to feed great quality, tasty meals to their cats that give them all of the nutrition they need. The Amazon Dash Button has given customers a simple and easy way to reorder Whiskas products they depend on. In fact, when we first launched the Whiskas Dash Button it was so popular we saw the button sell out in the first 24 hours.”

The new Amazon dash Buttons and the most popular

The full list of new Dash buttons now available are: Aquarian, Dad’s Root Beer, Duracell, Eukanuba, Glade, Heineken, Hycell, IAMS, Joseph Joseph, Kiwi, L’Or, Mentos, Mr Muscle, Perfect Fit, Perfectil, Regina, Scott, Tassimo, Wellman and Wellwoman.

And just for interest, according to Amazon the top ten most used dash buttons are are:

1. Andrex
2. Finish
3. Ariel
4. Gillette
5. NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto
6. Listerine
7. Fairy
8. Dettol
9. Whiskas
10. Lenor


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