Details on the Tophatter integrations with Linnworks, ChannelAdvisor and Sellercloud

Tophatter is a US-based marketplace that is proving popular with many UK merchants. And it is good to report that they’re making headway with integrations with suppliers that mean it’s getting easier to sell there. We wrote a Meet the Company piece on them a few weeks back.

New integrations with multi-channel suppliers mean you can get your inventory out there sharpish. Here are some details.

UK based Linnworks has integrated with Tophatter. If you are using Linnworks already, then this video will show you how you can plug in.

And SellerCloud too is making it easier for you to sell on Tophatter. It’s integrated and you can find out more here.

ChannelAdvisor has also put together a tip sheet that looks at successful trading on Tophatter that you can find here.

So what is Tophatter? It’s an auction based marketplace. If you’re a professional online seller, there are several reasons to sell on Tophatter. Every item is featured on the front of the mobile app and website and you can move inventory quickly with a 80%+ sell through rate. In an age when eBay and other platforms are moving away from auctions, Tophatter says it has reinvented the auction to be faster and mobile optimised for the modern-day shopper.

Are you successfully using Tophatter yet?

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