Gameseek Marketplace now launched and open for business

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The GameSeek marketplace is now live and open for business. As announced in May, GameSeek chose the Mirakl platform to support their vision to build the biggest and best consumer marketplace. What this means for online retailers is another UK marketplace to sell on.

GameSeek already have the key component that online retailers want to know of a potential new selling venue – they already have millions of customers and a highly engaged social network so if your have the right products to offer there is no reason not to expect sales.

Whilst they’re known for being one of the largest UK independent toy and games retailers, new categories such as Sports and Hobbies & Crafts will be added to attract marketplace retailers and expand on GameSeek’s appeal to consumers. GameSeek have also in the past avoided categories such as large electrical items which they could not have held stock but these can now be delivered directly by the supplier once live on the marketplace.

“It seems most retailers on planet earth are asleep. We are awake. With our marketplace and future websites, we will change the world. How much of a seismic shift it’s hard to tell but it will be us that starts it. We are developing ideas that has never been done before in online retail some of which will go live imminently; some further down the line. We have a 50 year plan. Our ideas are so good it will be impossible for larger companies to clone them unless they restart and set up smaller companies. We are going to disrupt every sector we enter with innovation.”
– Stephen Staley, GameSeek CEO

Sellers already familiar with the Mirakl platform will be right at home on the GameSeek marketplace and can get started immediately and it should be really easy if you use a multichannel provider who has a Mirakl integration. New and smaller retailers are of course also invited to join; the Mirakl software system is easy to use and allows upload of products either manually or via automation. Individuals wishing to sell on the GameSeek marketplace are also invited – you don’t have to be a retailer to sell. Just list your items absolutely free and only pay a small commission when your items sell.

GameSeek have already announced their second marketplace, ToySeek, which is due to go live on September 2017 in time for the busy Q4 and Christmas. You can sign up to sell on both the GameSeek and ToySeek marketplace at

12 Responses

  1. christ, sell your shares immediately if that’s the CEO’s vision. it’s what i’d expect from a 12-year-old school project, “write 100 words on what your company will be like” – “the superest mega-est company ever, not like all these normal boring companies that dont has vision! our vision is laser vision with x-rays and stuff and we see the future so other companies cant touch us so there!”

    “we have a 50 year plan” absolutely howling. anyone who had a 30 year plan 30 years ago, probably abandoned it 25years ago, or directly employs prophets.

    PLEEEEEASE do humour me with some details of this plan – in 2047 we’ll be advertising psychically via the air dolphins? 2052 brings the release of order via moon-laser with instant teleport delivery? 2060 sees the alien overlords take hold and we’ll be in a prime position with our ready-translated-to-betelgeusean novel offerings?

  2. Well we joined back a while ago, we have not got anything up yet as we have not had any time to even look. However we are on about 4 of these Mirkal sites now, one has been really successful, the rest are all a bit miss.
    Problem is it all ends up with a battle to the bottom price wise, and some of them do not give you the buy box and put there own item ahead of yours, advertise things like get it faster here GRRRRR, when we use the same service.
    Anyway 10% so they are the best priced of the sites so far. No profiteering sub fees, and they are promising buy box
    We are however only putting stock which will sell plus we want to see who else is on the site, if we are fighting with magpie or Base well we have to pay full VAT so their is no point.

  3. I just had a look at the toys department and it looks like they’re doing Amazon dropshipping. Great plan.

  4. I’m nowhere near as “tech savvy” as I’d like to be. Mirakl is new to me and I’m currently hating it. But I’ve been trying to get a few of my items listed as I figure once I’m past the teething thing and know what I’m doing it’ll get easier. Very rocky road so far. But the two guys I’ve worked with so far on the GameSeek team have been pretty great to work with.

  5. Hi Peter

    Who published what where?

    Flu-Bit is by-far the smallest sales-channel we have culminating in less than 1% of our sales. Did you take into account pre-orders?

    You seem to have a bee in your bonnet about something, but I’m not sure why.


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