How to sell on eBay: the Global Selling Programme #tamebayTV

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This is the latest ‘How to Sell on eBay’ video coming from TamebayTV and this week we’re looking at eBay’s Global Selling Programme. Find the video below.

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The eBay Global Shipping Programme or GSP is a good thing. As we explain in the video, it’s how UK based sellers can easily ship to dozens of countries overseas. All you need to do is opt-in, ship your consignment to a UK depot and eBay do the rest. There’s nothing not to like. Check out the video for full details.

It’s always worth revisiting the basics of eBay selling. This is our seventh video and over the next 3 weeks we’ll be looking at other aspects of eBay trading. Find out more here.

Previous videos have looked at optimising your eBay listings, eBay’s Best Match system, at eBay Buyer Fraud, returns and also the importance of creating brilliant images that sell. Last week we looked at shipping. You can view them all here on YouTube.

6 Responses

  1. It seems so simple, just a few questions…..

    1. Postage Label:

    Currently we get the name and address of the customer and print the label, but it does state that your not to send it to the customer.

    With Argos deliveries we just get the Argos address including the reference number, would this be the same with GSP?

    2. Taxes / EU VAT and Reclaims.

    I believe some countries you may not charge VAT on sales? and then there is the VAT returns etc for trading in other countries.

    How much work does all the above take / cost?

    3. Language

    Communication with UK customers can be hard work, Last night I had to try and explain that a parcel had been waiting a week for the customer to collect, they were not interested, it was simple, the item should have been delivered by yesterday and if it was not delivered to them the next day (today) they wanted a refund.

    I am assuming that we would still handle communication from buyers, but not always in English.

    GSP is something that I have looked at and considered, but probably not something I would get involved in thsi side of Christmas.

  2. we were always critical of GSP , then gave it a try
    once you get your head round the constant complaints from the ill informed or naive, and buyers wanting shipping discounts and cheap shipping
    it simply is
    unbeatable international shipping using ebay.
    plus delivery times have improved 10 fold from what they were
    in addition we feel it has increased our international sales and prices realised

  3. tyler as to customer not collecting
    this is a recent email from ebay
    using GSP to italy

    “We reviewed this request and have closed it without any refund to the buyer.
    The case will not affect your seller performance. Any Feedback left for this transaction will be removed.
    The tracking information you provided shows that there was an attempted delivery to the buyer’s address. The buyer is responsible for getting the item from the courier.”

  4. in fact apart from returns ,once it is accepted at the hub anything and everything that can and does go wrong with shipping, is covered by ebay
    just this week we have saved over £500 in delivery problems ,we normally had to swallow using royal mail,
    ebay have even paid out on an empty box scam,
    even more to their credit
    we sent the wrong item to a buyer GSP spotted the error and returned free of charge

  5. @ Tyler:

    1) Postage Label
    Yes, it’s basically the same as the collect from Argos scheme. You get a name, a reference number, and the ebay global shipping hub address. They do the rest.

    2) Taxes/EU/VAT Reclaims
    We’ve only had VAT registered businesses in the EU want to not pay the VAT. They usually have already bought and paid for the item, then request a VAT invoice with no VAT. After checking they’re legit, the order gets packed, marked as dispatched on ebay, then the difference in VAT refunded on paypal. FWIW, I don’t think they all bother and sometimes just pay the full price inc VAT.

    How much hassle this is depends on how many you do, what value. We just declare an amount of EU sales without VAT per quarter to HMRC. We don’t do any VAT returns in/for other countries.

    3) Language.
    The GSP process is that smooth, there isn’t much communication, other than about VAT or shipping costs. What there is has been in English.

    Hope that answers your questions.

    Additionally, I’d say GSP has been very good for us and we wouldn’t bother doing any international sales at all otherwise (too many cheapskates, dodgy claims and where’s my item hassle with “RM untracked” or “RM stops tracking at the UK border”)

    We’ve not lost a penny in the time we’ve used GSP. We only ever had 1 claim made, which was opened in Paypal and rejected by Paypal, on the strength of the ebay GSP details, which showed it as delivered. Really can’t fault it and suggest you get on with trying it out before Xmas. No point leaving it til after. You’d just be missing out.

  6. Thanks a lot for the info, will definitely be giving it a try and probably before Xmas as it is easy to set up.


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