Tophatter seller promotion and listing tips

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Tophatter are running a promotion for sellers until the 30th of September and to take best advantage of it we have some tips for creating a top listing on Tophatter.

5 Tips for a Top Tophatter Listing

  1. Add 5 images.

    Use professional product shots typically with a white backdrop to clearly showcases product details. Take images from multiple vantage points to accurately represent the item. If you have less than five images then Tophatter won’t consider your offer to be a top listing.

  2. Offer free shipping to the US.

    This is an incredibly enticing to consumers. Tophatter say that for every dollar less in shipping, there’s a 6% increase in sell-rate.

    We’d add to Tophatter’s advice and suggest that you also offer free UK shipping if you’re targeting your product to UK consumers.

  3. Offer competitive shipping prices to global customers.

    Tophatter recommend anywhere between free to $5 in shipping to customers globally, especially in Europe, the UK, Canada & Australia.

  4. Offer competitive Buy Now prices.

    Tophatter have a flat rate of 10% (+ processing fees) on all Buy Now purchases in their catalogue.

  5. Consider Advertising

    If you offer all of the above and still want better exposure, opt into Tophatter Advertising and set a budget per product.

Tophatter’s New Products Program

Tophatter have a “New Products Program”, an opportunity for sellers to try new products at auction at a discounted commission. Sellers with eligible products will receive a 10% reduction in commission (minimum 5% commission after discount). Fees will automatically be reduced on each sale.

Promotion Eligibility:

  • 500+ new, unique SKUs must be added
  • Each SKU must have Free Shipping, 5 Images, and an accurate Target Price
  • Discount applied for maximum of five schedules per SKU

New products considered for this promotion will be those added on or after the 24th of July. Discounted fees apply immediately until the 30th of September 2017.

You must email [email protected] to agree participation in this offer. This is the only way to opt in to the promotion an if you don’t have it agreed by email than you won’t get the discounted fees.

One Response

  1. Don’t bother. You are just a cog in the wheel. They change every day at a whim. You never know what is happening. The fees range from 20% – 50%. You end up giving away or paying people to buy your items. The only people making any money are the Chinese sellers.

    They had a forum up until a month ago. The shut it down because they don’t want sellers talking to each other… Even eBay allows that.

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