Wonder Lister: A possible alternative for eBay TurboLister

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TurboLister, the much maligned eBay desktop tool used by millions of sellers during the past couple of decades is to be finally turned off some time this Autumn. It’s unavailable for download for new users but we’re only too well aware that many eBay users still have it installed and rely on it to manage their listings.

Technical support for TurboLister, including feature updates and bug fixes, have already ceased, if you’re one of the people still using the service it’s time to find an alternative before you come into work one day to discover eBay have announced it’s final demise. Don’t get caught out in the middle of Q4 at the busiest time of year to discover you need to change your work processes just when you have the least spare time to do so.

With that in mind, one possible alternative is Wonder Lister which offers offline creation of listings in a Windows softare solution. You can import inventory items from TurboLister into Wonder Lister which an easy-to-use single page editor, allows bulk listing and editing, create folders to organize eBay listings data, automation rules to create eBay listings, computes profit & loss on eBay sales, supports consignment selling and consignor commission calculations.

Wonder Lister isn’t free but starts from just $5 per month for use on two eBay accounts and up to 1,000 active listings. There’s also a free 15 day trial so that you can get to grips with the service and decide if it’s the best tool for your business as a TurboLister replacement.

There are of course other solutions available for listing creation and management, but whether you choose Wonder Lister or an alternative product don’t leave it until the day TurboLister is finally turned off to migrate. Take a test run and find a solution that works for you while you’ve still got time on your side.

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  1. If you were selling via Turbo Lister as your listing tool, I would recommend Sixbit as a replacement tool.

    It costs, whereas TL was free, but since when did Ebay care about sticking extra costs on sellers?

    The thing about Sixbit is that it actually works and you can customise it to make it look like the Turbo Lister layout.

    I gave Wonder Lister a go on their free trial and their customer service is very responsive.

    But the bottom line was it didn’t work. Couldn’t get past go on linking properly to Ebay and they refer you to 3rd party solutions for synchronisation, which isn’t ideal, especially as you have to pay again for that.

    All the above is available in Sixbit.

    You also get free scheduling, which Ebay kind-of-forgot-to-mention they will now charge sellers for once you’ve migrated to the hub from SMP. (Credit to Tamebay for flagging up the hidden charges)

  2. Wonderlister was too over complicated & the support was terrible last year when I used it. I now use Seller Dynamics who helped me list my free listings on USA Europe & Australia without creating all my listings again. Support is second to none. Great guys. If I were Devon Wenig it would be a priority to streamline the creation of the so called FREE listings instead of leaving my customers to create them from scratch for every site. It’s not good business relations when your customers are paying for a third party to benefit from their so called FREE listings. DW really has been the worst eBay CEO ever. I wish he would just go away.

  3. Okay!

    I think this is a new page for WonderLister and all old reviews are gone somewhere. :/

    I don’t know how it was like a year ago, but right now, the support is blazing fast. Custom feature requests get implemented and bugs get fixed within minutes, not hours, even on Sundays. I can assure everyone, the support is extremely, extremely professional in a friendly way.

    Well, you can not find something even close to that of WonderLister. Ability to bulk edit listings, mark orders as shipped in older dates and un-marking them as shipped, multiple eBay account ssupport with Shopify being implemented at the moment and Amazon support coming really soon also. Also, messaging feature is being added to WonderLister pretty soon too!

    Lol! It’s like getting a lamborghini for the price of a Mercedes. Trust me! So, so, so cheap! Starting at $5 a month which is easily enough for mediocre-high class sellers.

    If you really want to see how good WonderLister really is rather than to look at just random people commenting about WonderLister without being sure of their source and intelligence level, please head over to “https://www.wonderlister.com/boards/”.

    I am not a paid reviewer, lol! I am a user of WonderLister and wrote such a long review because it is absolutely wrong to see it getting exhibited like this while there is a lot more it than meets the eye.

  4. I have used Wonder Lister and found it to be fantastic…Until it came to downloading images. It was slow, very slow. To the point it simply was not viable. Throwing up a listing was quick two minuets at most but uploading the images using WL turned that into 8 – 9 mins. Too slow for me

  5. Mr Zeeshan Rahat you are missing the point here. Your comment about intelligence levels is somewhat insulting as there is no need to learn how to use such a time consuming tool when there are more efficient & faster alternatives. If you like over complicated solutions or if you are a computer geek with lots of time on your hands then use Wonderlister if it makes you feel cool. Most sellers have have work to do & require a speedy solution. It may be $5 a month for a novice but it’s not $5 a month for a serious business seller. I assume by the $ sign you are from USA. Maybe US support is better than UK support. The support I received last Christmas was awful. There are other less complicated solutions that do not require hours of input like Sixbit, Seller Dynamics & Web Interpret which are all recommended by eBay. Wonderlister is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Anyone expecting anything like Turbo Lister will be extremely disappointed. I’m just letting them know.

  6. i went around all the trials looking for a TL replacement, wonderlister, Sixbit, crazylister, etc etc etc.
    I found some of them better than others in some areas, none of them really did what we want/need it to, especially going from a free to paid subscription, we expected better.
    I’ve now settled for another service I’d actually never heard of before, “Dewabit”.
    it’s genuinely good, and that comes from me, who has nothing good to say about anything ever.
    they seem to be rather new and there are the odd signs that its new software, but overall i’ve found it twice as good and half as expensive as any of the other solutions out there.
    as with all of them, there is a free trial.

  7. We have been using WonderLister since the day it was invented. The lead developer was also the manager of Blackthorne for the entire time ebay owned that amazing program. When Blackthorne shut down, WonderLister was created to fill the vacuum left between TurboLister and all other ebay-only tools. Chavi understands the Ebay API’s better than even Ebay does, and we have him on speed dial!

    Yes, the guys took some time off last year between Christmas and New Years. Every one deserves a vacation, but they haven’t taken more than 2-12 hours to fix an issue or respond to an email since Jan 02.

    WonderLister is the only Enterprise level, PC based ecommerce database in existence. It is not an “ebay only” tool like all the other ones out there, you can literally build products for any marketplace in this tool and export them in one mouse click. With the Tabbed Interface you can work on a specific marketplace your product applies to. You start with Product Details > Ebay > Amazon > Shopify > Custom fields and you can enable / disable Tabs as needed. (Shopify is not released, but you can use Custom Fields immediately)

    Since 2016, WonderLister has undergone a complete rework. All unnecessary frills were stripped long ago and actual performance has been increased 20 fold. I promise you there is nothing faster than WonderLister, we run it on a network with 8 full time users keeping the screens open 24/7 and it doesn’t even hiccup. We can completely refresh 2,500 live ebay listings in under 2 minutes.

    We have demo’ed everything in existence all the way up to Channel Advisor. Our opinion about all the other tools is they try to do too much, and they are bogged down with endless bugs or non-functional “features”. Most ebay tools are “ebay only” so they don’t really offer a true Ecommerce professional all the fields and options required for the other major marketplaces such as Amazon.

    We call SixBit “SlowBit” as it is the slowest, most bloated program in this space. SQL Server Express is very limited and WL uses SQL most efficiently. There are users with 500,000+ records which still have not reached the hard SQL Limits. We used SixBit for many years, and its biggest drawback is “Storing Images in the SQL database” and “SQL bloat which cannot be corrected”. Once SixBit installs, you will have to RELOAD WINDOWS to get rid of it and its beginning database size is around 1gb. You will discover all kinds of deal breakers if you grow large with SixBit, you have been warned. We had to abandon it after 1,000 products.

    WonderLister does not follow or mimic any other tool out there, they forge their own path. We like it because it does NOT do things for which there are better tools like Shipping, etc. You can turn Off all the things you don’t need to speed up the program.

    The things we like most about WonderLister are: Simple Editor, User Folders, Listing Status Filters, Bulk Edit & Relist, Unlimited Custom Fields, Traffic & Sales tracking, Column Management, Customizable Interface, SQL Efficiency, Search & Exporting Tools, Speed & Networking Performance, Ease of Use.

    There is really nothing we don’t like about WonderLister, but when we discover something, we just email them and get it fixed right away! I really like where the company is headed, and I believe they will far outlive Ebay itself.

    No, we don’t work for them, and we didn’t get paid to post this. We are just happy End Users who have been there since Day 1 and they actually listened to our suggestions and were willing to implement them. WonderLister is simply the backbone of our thriving e-business, we simply could not live without them!

  8. I think everybody has a different way of working, we don’t have windows computers so anything we have has to run on Linux.

    We sell on Ebay, Amazon and our own web site, so need a solution that will sync our stock levels on all sites.

    Our web site is built using Woocomerce (WordPress) and we use WP-Lister by wplab’s. The cost is $149 per year for each plugin.

    No limitation on number of listings, no limitations on number of sales, one price for unlimited use.

    You can design as many listing template profiles for Ebay as you want and update all the listings at once.

    It has lots of other features and the support is always very quick.

    There is a free version that has limitations but I think it is worth buying the full version.


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