5 reasons to consider a mobile first e-commerce website

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As a consumer, we are constantly enticed to purchase the next ‘must have’ item. We are presented with new and exciting ways to shop or are reminded to take advantage of that bargain promotion just received via email. In this digital age, the ways in which to browse and complete that purchase become more and more slick.

A competive market offers us options and why wouldn’t we go for the retailer that offers a more sophisticated customer experience? After all, with the ever widening internet there is a whole range of possibilities. But what is going to convince your customers to be loyal to you? What is going to help entice new customers to see what you have to offer?

With consumers expecting more sophisticated interfaces and retailers trying to develop more personalised experiences, if you are to remain a player in this competitive arena where customer loyalty is key, two important concepts are omnichannel and mobile. Eurostop takes a look at some of the key reasons why if you haven’t already done so, you need to look at your online mobile experience – in fact why you need to make it mobile first.

Omnichannel is the new buzzword

Mobile is an essential part of the omnichannel/cross channel/connected customer experience. And it works: Argos reported that in 2014, 44% of sales started online, although 90% of transactions involve a store.

The lines between online and shopping in store are blurred. Consumers expect to be able to browse, research, purchase, return and choose delivery options wherever they are and on the device they have to hand – whatever is more convenient, they are in control.

Mobile is even often part of the instore experience. As customers pick up an item in store, they are swiping their mobile device to check if they can get a better deal online or in another store. As a retailer, you need to ensure that you provide an interface that encourages them to remain loyal, or encourage them to look at other upsells. Do this by providing a content rich website that is mobile friendly.

Become mobile friendly or lose out

Statista, an online stat service predicts that, in 2017, figures suggest that more than 90 percent of internet users will access online content through their phones.

The statistic speaks for itself.

Becoming mobile first forces you to focus on what’s important

The principle of mobile first means that you take a practical approach to design. With limitations on screen real estate, only elements vital for the user experience are included. Adding more only as screen space increases means screen bloat is reduced when optimisation is essential.

Browser or app?

If budget is a consideration, then the most cost effective solution is a mobile first website. The solution is optimised for mobile, meaning that not only is it smart phone compatible, but it will adjust layout to scale up for tablets and desktops. One website to maintain. One site fits all devices and browsers.

Google’s mobile ranking.

In April, the giant made changes to the way in which they rank results on mobile devices. Considering point number 2, you want to make sure that your website is returned nearer the top of the list in a search. If you want to check if your pages are mobile friendly, use Mobile Usability report in Google search console (Webmaster Tools)

So the question ‘can I afford investing in mobile commerce?’ has really got to be ‘can I afford not to?’

Eurostop offers a connected ecommerce solution that maintains open communication with your other channels – both head office and the bricks and mortar stores. There are no clunky interfaces to maintain or dual management of your product, stock inventory and customer loyalty information.

The responsive mobile first user interface ensures that it is mobile optimised and the easy to use content management system provides you the control in keeping your website up to date.


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