eBay for Business Awards – Finalists

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As well as the two grand prize winners in the eBay for Business Awards, the finalists are well deserving of their prize packages.

The 8 promising runners up across the country will each win £1,000 along with a visit to eBay UK HQ to meet the team working for UK sellers, and time with the Vice President of the UK business, a free eBay Anchor Shop for a year, access to eBay Concierge customer service for a year, and tailored assistance from Linnworks to help them grow their businesses.

As per the prize winner’s businesses on eBay be gentle. They weren’t judged on how great their templates are or if they’re following absolutely every eBay policy to the letter. That in part is what the prize packages will do – give them some of the best help in the country both from eBay and Linnworks to help them grow and develop their businesses.

eBay for Business Awards
Best in Category Finalists

The judges loved all of the eBay for Business Awards finalists and over the next few weeks we’ll be showcasing their businesses on Tamebay to share their stories.

Here are the ‘Best in Category’ finalists – the full list of finalists is available on the eBay for Business Awards website.

Games 4 Hens – Plymouth

Handmade party games

Hannah overcame serious illness to run a business in the way she wanted to – and now sells her handmade and designed hen party games via her eBay store, growing the business while raising her first child.

Lionstrike Limited – Kingston Upon Thames

Sports supplies

After seeing his son struggling to kick a large football, Dipesh designed range of lightweight footballs to make it easier for children to get into sport.

Myldan Auto Design Ltd – Warwickshire

Car parts

Dan registered his business when he was just 19 years old, and was quickly shipping 40 orders a day. He is expecting his business to make its first £1million this year.

Peach Unicorn Designs – County Durham

Crocheted clothes and gifts

Vivienne had been sewing for over 20 years when she decided to sell her own designs on eBay – selling out of her first batch in just one hour.

The 3 Auctioneers – Hertfordshire

Antiques and collectibles

Following the death of her husband, Samantha needed a job that would allow her the flexibility to care for her children, so began trading in antiques and collectibles on eBay. The children have begun helping her out with the business, sharing their native knowledge of social media.

Signature Printing Ltd – Chester

Printed clothing, accessories & merchandise

Ed launched his printed goods business from his home four years ago, as a side project to his day job. Flash forward four years, and the business now runs from two commercial units, with plans to employ 10 members of staff by Christmas.

Wonderful Slime – Brighton

Handmade toys

Gab and his children run an eBay store selling handmade slime toys. They have already exported to 15 countries, and have hosted slime parties for 70+ children suffering from cancer and other debilitating diseases.

Kidish – Croydon

Handmade cushions, decorations and jewellery

Jo launched her creative design and print business upon graduating from college – utilising art skills taught to her by her father. The business is her main source of income, having developed it while looking after her baby son.

eBay for Business Awards
Highly Commended

The awards also recognised three highly commended sellers for their inspirational stories. Mohammed Agha started selling on eBay to support his wife and child, following their arrival from Syria in 2013. As well as supporting his own family, Mohammed has also used eBay to support others seeking asylum from war zones – having so far organised eBay training courses for over 30 fellow refugees in Birmingham and Manchester.

Also highly commended were Lancashire based Festive Lights, a specialist lighting seller celebrating 13 years of success and Nuts n Bolts Ltd, a father son duo from Ulster who teamed up to launch their DIY supply business in 2014.

eBay for Business Awards

Haider Ali
Global Trade Connections Ltd
Be Your Own Boss
Andrew Bennett
Bennett’s Buttons
Be Your Own Boss
Donna Butcher
Be Your Own Boss
Chris Hanick
Hanick’s Spares
Be Your Own Boss
Tania King
LoomAstic Bands
Be Your Own Boss
Andrew Schofield
Glitz UK
Be Your Own Boss
Janet Smyth
In Stitch
Be Your Own Boss
Rick Tate
Lgt Product Ltd
Be Your Own Boss
Andy Bailey
Lara Gibbons
Birthdays With Sparkle
Elizabeth Phillips
Glittering Prize
Muhammad Shahbaz
Gavin Vanner
BG Bikes
Kevin Gee
Particle Computers Ltd
Christian Jaques
jaques innovations ltd
Dave Ashman
Natural Creatives Ltd
Marcuis Shant
Spare Wheels R Us Limited
John Harris
Eyal Hecht
Lau&home Ltd
James Maddocks
Peter Mengerink
Altshop UK
Barry Tong
Stephensons Online LTD
Adam Ashford
Star Wars Figures
Nikki Bradford
nikki bradford
Clinton Chellan
Delta Designs
Donna Gibbons
Wedding Days and Party Nights Ltd
Simon Keehne
Herts Party Bags Ltd
Tracey Leigh
Homeleigh Vintage
Emma Power
Home-Start Watford and Three Rivers
Chris Reed
Jacqueline Robinson
Richard Wood
Rocketeer Enterprise
Kausar Ahmad
a card is a lovely gift to whom you love
Selena Bain
Miss Tilly
Jay Bassi
Emma LouiseFord
The London Look 4 Less
Alan Herd
Progrip Systems
Ashley Jellis
Cable Labels
Debbie Lewis
Alicia Mckenzie
Bella Scuff
Alision Blythe
Flutterby Enterprises
Julie Rogers
Immaculate Boutique
Mark Livesey
The Caravan and Camping Store Ltd
Stuart Aldred
Blue Oval Spares
Kam Asla
Job Creator
David Atkinson
SDJ Sports Ltd
Job Creator
Nic Fordham
Games Galaxy Ltd
Job Creator
Ian Montgomery
XS Items Ltd
Job Creator
Daniel Randall
Job Creator
Mark Saunders
Frames By Post Ltd
Job Creator
Mandy Warren
Mandys Tools Limited
Job Creator
Hugh Craig
Hugh Craig Harpsichords
Chris Hanson
Magnus Mulliner
Synergistics Europe Ltd
Dominic Parmenter
Gary White
White Partnership
James Wilson
The Protein Lab
Nicola Boseley
Fornham Timber
Stephen Brown
dot boutique limited
Paul Cooper
Orthotix (Dacey Ltd T/a)
Young Genius
Michael Forward
Buying Forward UK
Young Genius
Zac Hembry
Messina Hembry Clothing Ltd
Young Genius
Michael McLeod
Universal Resource Trading T/A UniGreenScheme
Young Genius
Vidur Pandya
Chequers Outlet
Young Genius
Laura Wakefield
Lauras Vintage Cycles
Young Genius


10 Responses

  1. Well done to everyone, however the first person (who I won’t mention) that I went to look at their store all their main images break ebay rules!!!

    I hate to say it but this just goes to show a real lack of detail on ebay’s behalf.

    I am sure there’s more issues but that was the first store I looked at.

    Makes me a little sad that this sort of thing happens.

  2. Lol all rule breakers, if you want to stand out and do really good sales on ebay and win an extra award break the rules. LOOOOOOOOOOOL

    CRYING, actually wait wtf is this about.

    Is it big sellers that are well established are getting more discount, so best to disrupt their sales and help the smaller sellers take those sales by allowing them to have text on the images, or multiple list the same item with different titles.

    Well done ebay another square kick in the knackers.

  3. degrades the credibility of the award, when ebay gives prominence showcasing
    those that break the rules, yet are currently suspending those that unwittingly fall foul of other rules

  4. Award winner and suspended, all in a day’s work.
    Obviously not fully up to speed on the back catalogue of (unenforced) bi-annual seller disruption announcements!

  5. I see being TRS offering Fast and free means nothing. my eyes roll again

    Anyway the guy with the football idea for kids that is actually very good.

  6. “They weren’t judged on how great their templates are or if they’re following absolutely every eBay policy to the letter.”

    so why are others being judged and suspended? rather than being offered help and reward

  7. I entered this competition representing my antique, vintage and secondhand furniture business. I spotted ‘The 3 Auctioneers’ which is a similar niche to what we do.

    They currently have four listings (three of which are pairs of shoes so not actually relevant to the business name/direction), no profile picture and a VERY basic listing style/no template…

    So I am little bit confused as to why they were actually selected. I don’t want to rain on their parade and I do say good luck to them…

    However I am left wondering what the actual criteria for selection were? This all seems very half assed and I feel like I wasted my time to even put the copy together to enter…

    Ho hum onwards and upwards regardless!

  8. A nice pat on the back but all a bit chaotic and hard to fathom ! Some people setting some bad examples which I’m surprised eBay are proud to endorse (?)
    Also a shame that there is no full list of finalists on the official ‘eBay for business’ site which is a bit odd, and no links anywhere to any finalists, runners up or winners ebay shops. Even more odd !!


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