How to spot a great developer

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Choosing a developer for your ecommerce website could be the difference between success and failure. Here’s how to spot a great developer who will drive your website forward.

What are the hallmarks of a great developer? Here are five things to look out for:

A great developer plans before coding

Rather than just throwing himself at a project, a good developer will take the necessary time to sit down with you to work out what it is you want. They will then put together a plan for designing or coding the website. Not only will this ensure you get what you want, but it will also help plan the cost of the work.

They will know the language and platform intimately

A great developer knows the programming language inside-out. They will be know why certain constructs or APIs are included in a certain language and why others were left out. A great developer will also know what each language can and can’t do – and how to achieve the same effect via other means.

Always knows why

Why, why, why? A great developer always knows exactly why they wrote any specific line of code, and why they wrote it in the way that they did. It’s about coding with purpose, rather than just for the sake of it. Any developer can write code, but a great developer writes code that is both compact and precise. This means that your ecommerce website will be built on a solid platform which is future-proof.

Follows coding standards

A great developer reads about and follows updates to coding standards – and uses them. While they may not be able to recite the standards verbatim, they can answer any question you may have about any given standard. This will ensure that your ecommerce website is compliant with as many standards as possible – and keeps it accessible to all of your potential customers.

Passion for your project

If your developer shows that he is passionate about what you are trying to achieve with your ecommerce website, you know you’ve got someone you can trust and work with. A great developer understands what you want and need to do with your website, and how you want the product to work. They will also look beyond your needs to see how the product might need to be developed in the future and build it so it is ready for any future updates.


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