Amazon to hire 20k seasonal Fulfilment Centre roles this Christmas in UK

Christmas is coming so the hiring of seasonal staff by retailers and logistics has begun. And now it’s the turn of Amazon to reveal that they will be recruiting 20k staff this year to cope with the Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Christmas shopping peak as fulfilfulment centre workers.

As we reported late last week, this compares favourably with Royal Mail who will also be hiring 20k posties and sorters to work over the next few months.

2000 of the Amazon roles will be located in the Swansea fulfilment centre with others spread across the country. It’s testament to Amazon scale that they will be taking on so much casual labour this year.

John Tagawa, Amazon’s vice president of UK Operations said: “The thousands of seasonal associates who join us at this time each year play an integral role in helping us deliver an exceptional experience for our customers during the Christmas season. We look forward to welcoming back the people who join us each and every Christmas as well as many new faces who will be joining the Amazon team for the first time.

Amazon was keen to stress that often the temporary roles offered over Christmas do turn out to become permanent and from last year’s casuals more than 2k have gone on to take permanent positions.

Amazon has often come underwire in the press because the fulfilment centre roles are considered demanding physically with very harsh, timed targets. But then, that’s true of an awful lot of jobs and, as plenty of posties have pointed out on here, they have a strenuous job too but they have to do it in all weathers.

But, at the very least, if you are looking for work and might fancy an Amazon role, a temporary assignment could well be a very sensible way if finding out whether the job is for you.

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Amazon staff do some walking, there are other jobs in logistics (which is what amazon jobs are) that do at least as much walking. Targets to be met? Been decades since was in jobs that didn't have targets. Can they be met? Obviously they can.

Mac • 3rd October 2017 •

The only jobs you see on Indeed Jobs around here are Amazon warehouse worker or Amazon FLEX Driver (temp low wage poor condition work), this is the future for the UK.

SAM • 3rd October 2017 •

Sam - so other companies advertise on other sites?

Mac • 7th October 2017 •