eBay insert 大英聯合王國 on buyer invoices

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Since the move to eBay’s new Seller Hub, an eBay seller has started to notice strange Chinese symbols have started to appear on their eBay invoices and correspondence at the end of their address. Buyers are so put off that one rang the seller to check that they’re not a Chinese seller masquerading as a UK seller, almost leading to the loss of a £1000+ sale.

What does 大英聯合王國 mean?

The good news is that we can tell you that the symbols themselves are innocent enough. 大英聯合王國 translates to ‘Great Britain United Kingdom’. The bad news is that it can only be off putting to eBay buyers.

It does look like this is just a bug with the new Seller Hub, but check any invoices you send to buyers to make sure that the same Chinese characters aren’t appearing on your paperwork. We understand that eBay support have escalated the bug to technical to investigate, but it would be interesting to know how widespread the issue is so let us know if you’re seeing similar text on any eBay correspondence you print or send with on which your address is included.

6 Responses

  1. Well . . eBay do claim they’re taking the misuse of their site by Chinese sellers VERY seriously you see, so serious it might seems they’re now going to start communicating in Mandarin!!!

    But wait, there’s more! When that concerned buyer contacts you then you play eBay’s game of “Russian Roulette” in that you could get a seven days suspension just by answering if they quote a phone number!!!

    eBay? You’re on a slippery slope . . get a grip on reality will you?

  2. Yet another issue with the new seller hub.
    Links not working.
    Revisions not possible because it has dropped certain variations willy nilly. (9 month old issue still not fixed)

    Now we all have to learn madarin what a farce.

  3. One thing i noticed is the huge rise in chinese sellers loopholes all over the place, fraud taken place alot

  4. They’ve been busy fixing this over the w.end.

    I now have Großbritannien at the bottom.

    Nearly there lads.


  5. Postal service
    I have noticed lately that when I recieve certain items they are coming from Amazon delivery service,rather then uk postal service
    is this legal?????

  6. I am also concerned about chinese seller claiming to be uk I have had to return a couple of items through safety concerns.this needs to be stopped they are dangerous to our kids and I do ask uk sellers only scarey


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