Lengow Day: How to target 17 countries with Stylight

At the recent Lengow Day, I had the opportunity to speak to Ulrich Bartholomaüs, Managing Director at Stylight and find out more about their service.

What to Stylight do?

Stylight generate product listings on their website from product feeds and then drive high quality premium traffic to retailers and brands shop sites where users can actually purchase the products. Stylight launched in the fashion category but have added new verticals such as beauty, home and living, sports and childrens.

As you would expect product data is key as it is with just about every platform you wish to trade on. For campaigns to be fully optimised everything comes back to how good is the data you hold on your products.

What territories do Stylight operate in?

Stylight target 17 countries (EU including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain and the Nordics as well as Australia, Brazil, Mexico, the US and Canada) so Stylight is a solution which can seriously assist a retailer or brand’s cross border strategy. They tailor their approach to each different territory to appeal to local user tastes with optimised campaigns.

Watch the video to find out more

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If you are a retailer or brand and are interested in parterning with Stylight, visit their partner site.

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