Black Friday deals…but did you check eBay?!

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Ahead of Black Friday eBay have released three 6 second adverts reminding people to shop on eBay with the tag line ‘Black Friday deals…but did you check eBay?!’

The first features a baby in a car seat clearly shocked at the thought that they might have got a better deal on eBay
Black Friday deals…but did you check eBay?!

In the second a lady puts up her hands and says “Whoa” at the thought that she may have got a better deal on eBay’s marketplace.

Finally in the third clip, sure to appeal to canine lovers around the country, even the dog is shocked at the thought of missing out on a great deal on eBay.

The inference from all three adverts is obvious, check eBay to see what price you can really get a product for.

Retailers around the country are offering supposedly good deals which in reality might be at or close to the trending price across the industry and so not such a good deal after all. Other retailers will simply be flogging off their hard to shift stock to make room for new season stock and newer models, as was the case with the Black Friday telly fights on Black Friday 2014 when they discovered the huge telly they’d fought over was several models out of date.

This year there has been quite a bit of press coverage advising shoppers to do their research ahead of Black Friday, decide what products they wish to purchase and make a list in advance and then to check sites such as camelcamelcamel which reveals historical selling prices on Amazon.

There will be some cracking deals around over the Black Friday weekend, but there will also be many so called deals which either aren’t that great a price or even if they are a genuine bargain you’ll still be able to purchase at the same price in the next five weeks as Christmas approaches. Don’t be caught out in the hype, by all means if you see something you want at a bargain price then buy it, but there’s little point purchasing for the sake of purchasing – I still remember the woman who bought a cut price Dyson in Asda in 2014 and then declared to the press she didn’t need it was wasn’t sure what she was going to do with it!

Finally if you’re going to make a purchase, why follow the video advice and check out the price on eBay? Certainly that’s a message that the hundreds of thousands of eBay sellers can get behind.

2 Responses

  1. Most Black Friday deals are misleading, such a huge hype. Most these deals are the same price at other times of the year, and most are manufactured well in advance anyway to look like a great deal. Plus watch on the likes of Amazon most the prices will continue well after Black friday.

    Same as all those Boxing deal days, the stock is all sitting on the shelves right now, at inflated prices then they will pretend to give the “BIG discount”. One major retailer we know has it all sitting in there store warehouses piled up ready for the hype and the adverts launched on Christmas Eve. Stock is bought in a year in advance.

  2. Black Friday is one crazy day! Of course, you have the loss leaders but then there are so many products where the price just goes up because of the buying frenzy. And again because its such a mad scramble to get volume that tons of retailers have no idea if they make money or lose it. But I know one person who knows the money that they are making – Amazon, Ebay et al.

    Big Joe


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