Check out the Amazon Christmas 2017 advert

The Amazon Christmas 2017 television ad has landed. And it is rather clever as it follows the journey of a Christmas present on its way to being delivered. The 60-second ad was first seen last Saturday in the UK, November 4th, during The X Factor ad breaks.

The soundtrack of Amazon’s Give Christmas 2017 campaign is based on the Roger Hodgson song “Give A Little Bit”. It follows the delivery journey of a parcel ordered on a bus through to its arrival into the arms of its delighted recipient – a young girl in a remote part of the world. Do you like it?

The adverts the company is showing this year are made up of a cast of a hundred, including real Amazon associates who work in Amazon fulfilment centres. The song was re-recorded using talent in the US and UK, and features four London-based choirs: The Rock Choir, The Borough Market Choir, The Islington Choir, and Take Note Blackheath with Hodgson, better known from Supertramp, playing the guitar throughout the song.

The question that really begs itself is whether Amazon really needs to advertise at all on TV in the run up to Christmas.

Whilst the big high street brands, the Marks and Sparks and the likes of John Lewis try and out do each other on TV at enormous expense, and likely without winning anything more than plaudits from the advising industry, is there any need for Amazon to get involved too?

What do you think of the Amazon Christmas 2017 advert?

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A great ad with a great song. If everyone practiced what Roger Hodgson wrote about in "Give a Little Bit" the world would be a better place. The smile on the little girl's face mirrors the look on the thousands of audience members when Roger plays this song at his concerts.

Mike M • 9th November 2017 •

I love this song its so timeless and relevant as much today as it was when Roger wrote this over 40 years ago. A very happy and upbeat song with such a beautiful message for all generations. He is an amazing songwriter who has composed so many inspiring classics hits. Here's a full version of Mr Hodgson's song with orchestra and choir -

Jill E • 9th November 2017 •

I think this is cute and heartwarming how the song by Roger Hodgson brought the feeling home to the heart. When I heard the notes of Roger's signature 12-string that instantly brought a smile, and great to sing along too. The meaning of ' Give a Little Bit ' is a way of life and being.

Jack Whisham • 9th November 2017 •

What a heartwarming ad using Give a Little Bit from my favorite artist, Roger Hodgson. Roger is rightfully known as the heart and soul of Supertramp, the band he co-founded. His songs are timeless and universal.

Lucy • 9th November 2017 •

who does the voiceover in this ad?

paul deary • 14th November 2017 •

i just worked out its joel fry im sure! :-)

paul deary • 14th November 2017 •

Haha, yes you're right. It is Joel Fry. It's been driving me mad as I recognised the voice but just couldn't place it.

Chris • 23rd November 2017 •

Who plays the woman on the bus.? Does anyone know

Jill • 3rd December 2017 •

Don't understand what's so clever about it? It's a bunch of parcels in a warehouse. There's nothing entertaining about it. I also think it ironic Amazon are telling us to give a little bit when they don't pay their fair share of taxes.

Nigel Newbury • 3rd December 2017 •