Quidco launches 5% cashback on all eBay items

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Cashback site Quidco say that they have agreed a partnership with eBay to offer cashback rewards on eBay purchases for the 7 million people in the UK who have signed up to the cashback site since 2005.

Members visiting eBay through Quidco’s referral links will earn cashback on their eBay purchases, with a special rate of 5% cashback available for a limited time. Quidco is free to join, and helps its members earn cashback rewards on what they buy online across over 4,500 merchants, from fashion and electricals to travel bookings, insurance and utilities.

If you are making a purchase on eBay or any of over 4,500 other supported sites, then visiting Quidco and clicking a link rather than visiting the site direct is all that’s needed to start earning cashback. The disadvantage is that you won’t be able to shop via the eBay app (or any other app) as you’ll have to visit the cashback site first. If you can put up with this minor inconvenience, it’s a great way to make savings and although you might only save a small amount on each purchase, if you are a frequent online shopper then the cash back starts to add up to a fair amount over the course of a year.

Additional Quidco exposure for eBay

Having added eBay as a partner means increased exposure for eBay among the millions-strong Quidco community. This is of significance to both brands as November-December rolls in, and consumers look for value through the Black Friday period and into Christmas.

“We’re delighted to offer our members cashback on purchases with eBay. This will no doubt help connect Quidco members with eBay, a key platform in online shopping.”
– Cathal Wogan, Quidco spokesperson

Quidco partners with brands to get the best cashback deals for their members. When you buy from a brand through their cash back links, that company pays a referral fee which is where the cashback comes resulting in average cashback earnings per active member of over £300 per year and £400million in cashback paid out since 2005.

One Response

  1. Not being much of a shopper myself. All I do is look at the other end of the sofa and see the love of my life sitting on her ipad with all her vouchers and deals lined up ready to go, this lady knows how to shop.
    One of sites shes uses is Quidco, however she never normally shops on eBay. Last night she was looking for hair straighteners and the first things she did was see who was doing some deals on Quidco. I said try eBay and she frowned at me “I can get them at a better price than they do”.
    Now ebay used to use this before going back to use (who cares about Nectar). This is a good thing. In the real world peoples budgets a squeezed to the limit so they are always looking for a bit of a deal, so this can only help.
    Little thing about Quidco, always have another browser on the go and try direct with some firms especially with “insurance ones” as they add on to the price the minute you come through a site like Quidco. Retailers are normally oK.


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