Stephan Grad and the future of voice search at Lengow Day

At this year’s Lengow Day 2017 I sat down with Stephan Grad, CEO & Managing Director at A-Commerce to talk about voice search and how it will impact ecommerce retailers in the future.

A-Commerce specialise in helping retailers in Austria and the EU get to grips with future retailing, ecommerce innovation and trend exploring with a view to prospering over the next three to five years. Stephen envisages a world coming soon where your website or marketplace will be almost irrelevant to the consumer as with voice search they won’t be visiting a specific destination site on the web. They’ll be focused entirely on the product they wish to purchase and whichever is their voice device of choice will locate the product for them.

It doesn’t matter if the consumer is using an Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Microsoft Cortana or the soon to be released Apple Siri device – or perhaps another device not yet on the market – all the consumer will be interested in is making a purchase. It’s entirely probable that consumers will be placing orders for multiple products which will all come from different retailer websites but at the point of purchase it will appear as a single transaction for the customer. That’s not too different from today’s world where you can fill your shopping cart on eBay or Amazon with products from multiple retailers and the only difference will be that tomorrow’s consumer won’t face the constraints of shopping on a marketplace – they’ll be able to shop across multiple marketplace and retailer website all through their voice assistant device.

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