The future of product search at Lengow Day

At the recent Lengow Day I had the opportunity to speak to Stephan Grad, CEO & Managing Director at A-Commerce from Austria, who shared his thoughts on the future of product search.

Stephan talks about the future trends in ecommerce, especially about the coming of voice commerce, and how retailers can prepare for it by respecting their data above all else if they want to be successful when it comes to product search and getting their items found on the web.

Product search in a world of voice

With Google Home and Amazon Alexa, voice search is already here but Stephan believes that it will go much further in the future. He envisions a world where consumers won’t go to specific websites or even to the net as we know it today, but will instead be talking to devices which aren’t retailer specific but will perform a product search for the goods we want to buy. Whilst retailers will doubtless still have websites they’ll be almost like a calling card on the net for those who are still using text search, but the next generation of Internet users who are growing up with voice search won’t be visiting websites.

Stephan emphasises that the only way to ensure you are prepared for the future is to get your product data correct now. GTINs, product identifiers, manufacture/brand and part numbers will become the all important databases that computers search to find us products and if your listings are missing the key attributes then you won’t just not be seen, you won’t be heard either:

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