Amazon Australia, eBay contact details in listings and Brexit. #tamebayTV

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Welcome back to our weekly video news round-ups for Tamebay TV where we precis the biggest stories when it comes to ecommerce, marketplace selling and online SMEs with a quick turn on YouTube. And, needless to say, there has been a great deal going on over the past few weeks worth reporting.

Check out the video here. And check out the links to the big stories down below. This is the news. #tamebayTV

As we have reported in various articles, Amazon Australia has finally launched. Will you be taking advantage of this new interesting marketplace? It didn’t launch on Black Friday and only materialised this week.

We’re also pleased to say we were able to report a Tamebay exclusive with the interesting new changes to Amazon Business. You can find that story here: Tamebay Exclusive: Amazon Business Update.

The terms of the UK Brexit deal, that will determine how the UK will exit the EU, remain under discussion. But some of the possibilities are tantalising. A border deal where Northern Ireland remains within the single market and Customs Union would be a huge economic boon for the province, and also a gateway for UK ecommerce concerns who want unfettered access to the EU. We consider the unlikely chances of such an arrangement here: Brexit deal could create ecommerce powerhouse in Northern Ireland.

And don’t forget: the full enforcement of the new eBay Contact details rules is now happening. Are sure you know all the details, because eBay isn’t showing much leniency?

Have a great week, and we hope your peak selling season is going really well. Don’t forget to check out the #TamebayTV YouTube channel which has stacks more videos. Including supplier spotlights, how to sell on eBay content and plenty more.

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  1. A word or two of caution if you intend selling from UK to Australia. Given Amazon’s draconian policy on shipping and receipt times it would be worthwhile checking a courier with guaranteed times. Our kids live in Oz and yesterday we received back a parcel which we had sent in early October. We just don’t send anything via RM to Oz now.

  2. eBay contact info is a joke, our listings are fully compliant so we’re ok, but we regularly look round at other sellers and there’s still loads and loads of sellers with their email address (as a clickable link), phone number on display and even links to websites.
    One rule for some etc etc.
    We’re doing some analysis on the effects of the phone number removal, initial findings are that it’s not going to hurt sales one bit, but it WILL hurt customer service and increase returns.
    I hope eBay see the big boost in their revenues that they’re hoping for, I somehow feel they will not.



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