Are the new GDPR data protection rules on your radar?

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As we have written before new EU rules are on the way regarding holding customer information. The GDPR data protection rules come into force next May in the UK and they will likely affect you if you sell on online marketplaces home and abroad.

61% of SMEs are aware but according to a survey a worrying two out of five, (equivalent to 2.1 million small businesses), have not yet started to plan for next year’s new data compliance legislation from the EU.

Lisa Chittenden is the data compliance doctor at The Data Compliance Doctors says: “Our survey has revealed a mixed bag in terms of GDPR preparation amongst SMEs. Some have spent a lot of time and money to ensure they are in a good position come May 25, 2018.

However, our figures show there are many thousands that have not even started, despite all the discussion and media stories in recent months. But, with six months to go, it’s not too late to get yourself up to speed.‘I’d also caution with those businesses planning to contact customers direct for data consent, as opt-in communications can dramatically reduce the number of customers you can talk to.

However, there’s a variety of other ways to make data eligible for marketing use – some of which provide greater scope to keep historic information. Our figures reveal that a third of business owners are unsure of the different laws relating to mail versus electronic communications for this purpose. A further third are also unaware of the different permission types, so I’d encourage them to seek expert advice or do some research to ensure they’re fully compliant.”



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