eBay is bigging up Green Monday as a sales event

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Invented sales events aren’t new. There’s Singles Day in China and now Black Friday is a well established tradition. eBay is now celebrating ten years of Green Monday.

eBay is doing its best to muscle in now with what it calls Green Monday. This video explains the concept of Green Monday. And it would be hardly surprising if you’d never heard of it. You can read all about it here.

As they say of the event: “On Monday, December 11, eBay will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Green Monday, historically one of the company’s busiest holiday shopping days, by launching new deals every hour, and offering shoppers amazing inventory across fashion, electronics, toys and home & garden. Green Monday extends holiday shopping deals, enabling shoppers to find last-minute gifts from millions of items available on eBay every day.

In 2007, eBay experienced one of its biggest sales days on the second Monday of December. In honor of the milestone, eBay named the day ‘Green Monday,’ a term that has since been widely adopted across the retail industry. Whether it’s shoppers logging on after the weekend, waiting for great last-minute deals or simply procrastinating, Green Monday continues to be a big online shopping day and ranked as eBay’s fourth highest sales day in 2016 and the third highest in 2015.”

Bargains coming the way of US shoppers online include:

– Bose Sound Systems (over 50% off)
– Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (38% off)
– Samsung 75″ 4K LED UHD Flat Screen Panel HDTV with HDR (60% off)
– Black & Decker Robotic Vacuum (68% off)
– Best Choice 5-Piece Complete Drum Set (52% off)
– KitchenAid® 6 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer (57% off)

7 Responses

  1. Sadly i fear all these fancy new sales are getting lost in the fact that each one gets longer and then just links up to another. Basically shoppers have no need to rush, as another sale will follow ina few days times. Meanwhile margins get crushed and the deal get less like deals as prices are manipulated earlier on to make them look better.
    Lets be honest the big Christmas sales start early Oct or even september now as Black friday becomes black 3 weeks…., then its just non stop sales right through to Feb. Green Monday? I thought it was some sort of eco event?

  2. It is a stupid name for just another sales day. Green is generally not interpreted as the colour of money, but as eco / environment friendly.

  3. “Invented sales events aren’t new. ” as opposed to natural sales events that invent themselves?

    “‘Green Monday,’ a term that has since been widely adopted across the retail industry.” [citation required].

    eBay will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Green Monday… by launching new deals every hour, and offering shoppers amazing inventory.”
    – so, carrying on as always then? or is this suggesting there is inventory that wouldn’t otherwise have existed were it not for this event?

    about time someone introduces the concept of sale fatigue to these people. they wonder why people don’t care about sale events any more, Green Monday would be a giant clue as to why.

    and it definitely doesn’t reek of a desperate attempt to imitate amazon’s Black Friday success, not at all. Green Monday sounds like exactly the kind of original, fresh idea to come out of ebay HQ.
    perhaps they’ll have imitation Faulex watches at 80% off and lewis vittron bags half price to go with their imitation sale.

  4. Well it is the first time I have heard of it.
    People have had it rammed down their throats for years with these manufactured FAKE sales events. The last time I remember a genuine boxing day SALE was 2008 with a former employer at the time as I know as I put it together and they genuinely dropped prices (we used to get swamped with eBay sellers) . You had store teams working overnight just to put it together.
    Ever since then everything has been manufactured and FAKE.

  5. @SAM I think l fake sales events have been going on for as long as I can remember, back as far as 1984. I think World of Leather used to have one every month on different items, much the same as many of the big furniture sellers do now. You just had to wait till the item you wanted was on sale, it was a sure thing…

    Black Friday – Christmas close, let the fun begin, we have been non stop and not had a sale or reduced prices.

    What I would say is that Amazon out sell eBay 2.5x and we get better prices on Amazon.


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