eBay promise Christmas delivery to Australia even after Last Posting Dates

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Saturday the 9th of December was officially the last date that you could post to Australia via Royal Mail. We noted the last posting dates back in October and Royal Mail have them available on their website.

With that in mind one eBay seller was a bit alarmed to discover that their items are still on offer with shipping to Australia promising that they’ll arrive in time for Christmas!

If you offer shipping to Australia (or elsewhere around the world), keep a watchful eye on your orders and if in doubt it may be worth sending a message to the buyer pointing out that whilst eBay might be hopeful that the purchase will arrive in time for Christmas, Royal Mail aren’t quite so optimistic.

Of course there is still a chance that items will be delivered on time, but unless you’re willing to pay for expedited courier services it’s likely that it’s too late to ship via the post to Australia for Christmas 2017.

8 Responses

  1. RMG are taking 6 working days to get international tracked done to Western Europe , and the deliveries for priority are going WAY over, never mind economy.

    We see our items and being marked as received. Domestic it have been fine.

    International it has been a poor show. I think RMG are taking to long to get the parcels overseas.

    Forget eBay they always mislead customers it is not their money they are playing with , but today is the last day we are even saying to buy for Christmas.

    We stopped Australia back on the 1st, Customs hold too many item ups

  2. Its Frustrating as customers always blame us for these unrealistic estimates.

    We’ve had some really bad ones, item bought on a Friday Evening, delivery to Norway. eBay estimate for delivery: Sunday – Monday!! So Delivery before the very earliest chance we will have to even dispatch it!

  3. If you complain to CS about inaccurate international estimates they will say the seller has full control and should set accurate estimates. If you then ask CS how the seller can set the estimates they will hang up on you once they realise you can’t and they’ve been caught out lying.

  4. Auzzies who buys for Christmas in the UK
    are daft in the head if they rely on any estimate

  5. International Delivery Estimates on eBay have been a running sore every Christmas for as long as they have done Delivery Estimates.
    They (eBay) are ‘expletive deleted’ (not very good).

  6. We’ve caught out by this too. A customer bought an Advent calendar on 27th November and eBay told him that it would be in the US for the 1st December – needless to say he wasn’t very impressed when it was still sat in Kennedy sorting centre awaiting customs clearance on the 7th… I don’t understand why eBay do this to themselves. Quite a few of us upload tracking – it can’t be that hard to work out a realistic delivery estimate for items sent on the same service using real data.

  7. We are shutting our eBay shop down shortly for Christmas. We only sell to Uk anyway, not even ROI, following some experiences. We had our first “I haven’t received …” today (12 Dec) from a Uk buyer.

    eBay live in a fictional world of non-accountability (for eBay) coupled with complete freehandedness of seller’s accounts. PayPal are a separate company now but still their loyal confederate.

    I will stop now. However, my iPad spell checker recorded separate company as a*se parade which I thought was very good, kind of predictive artificial intelligence.

  8. I have been making ebay aware of the discrepancy in estimated delivery times to Australia for over a decade. To be fair – over the past decade – they were only going on the data given to them from from Royal Mail. Maybe this thread will hi-light this problem once and for all and sort it for non-peak times – not just Christmas.


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