OnBuy Christmas Offer – Free fees in 2018

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OnBuy are offering sellers an early Christmas present. Sign up by the end of December and you’ll get the whole of 2018 subscription fee free.

OnBuy Christmas Offer

OnBuy sellers normally pay a subscription fee of £19 a month, but this is being reduced to zero as part of this one-off package. You’ll pay the subs for December and then will not pay any monthly subscription fees at all in 2018. If you’re interested in jumping in early with OnBuy as they start to accelerate their expansion plans this appears to be a pretty good deal. We know you’re run off your feet as Christmas approaches, but if OnBuy is on your radar for 2018 then two minutes to sign up before the New Year is going to make sense.

OnBuy Christmas TV Ads

The seller offer comes as OnBuy signs a deal with ITV for prime-time slots on all its channels across Christmas and New Year, with further TV advertising planned with ITV and Sky during 2018.

The Christmas campaign, launched on December 18th, will reach at least 20m UK households across ITV 1, 2, 3, 4 and Be. OnBuy advertising will be featured in key prime-time movie slots over the festive season, including ET and Harry Potter on Christmas Day. The 20-second ad will focus on OnBuy’s “Get On It!” message, encouraging shoppers and sellers alike to visit OnBuy.com to see its offers and deals.

“We are really excited to be launching our Christmas campaign that will put OnBuy in front of tens of millions of people and make OnBuy a household name. People in the industry have been talking about us for the past year and we now have around 500,000 visitors a month using the platform, but this is the next big step in our growth that will confirm us as a major UK brand that is the alternative to Amazon.

Because we have seen such rapid growth, we are offering this one-off package for sellers to get on board now ahead of OnBuy becoming a household name. Put simply, now is the time to sign up! We have a significant spike in our online traffic in the run-up to Christmas and we expect this surge to continue into the New Year.”
– Cas Paton, Managing Director of OnBuy

December has already been the busiest month ever for OnBuy, which is on track to have half a million visitors during the month as Christmas shoppers take advantage of its deals. OnBuy offers some of the best deals for shoppers available anywhere online which they attribute to reduced commission fees for sellers, enabling them in turn to offer lower prices for consumers.

28 Responses

  1. Amazon 183 million visitors per month
    Ebay 167 million active users per month

    So what is 500,000 ??? Is there independent corroboration even for that figure, other than OnBuy claiming it?

    This is Chris’s quote about Onbuy in Nov 2016:
    “OnBuy will have to quickly build a mass of consumers buying on the site in order to keep retailers engaged with the site. Online sellers are very prosaic and if a marketplace is successful they’ll embrace it. All OnBuy have to do is get buyers buying and seller recruitment will take care of itself.”

    So, how about actual sales?

    There’s an open goal from dissatisfied Ebay and Amazon sellers, so where’s the beef?

  2. I have looked at it before and for many reasons that I forget did not sign up.

    Just tried to sign up and looks like you have to be approved

    “We’re glad you’re keen to work with OnBuy! Please complete our seller interest form below and we will contact you within one business day to discuss your product range and ensure that OnBuy will work for you. Thank you for your interest in OnBuy, we really look forward to working with you soon.”

    If you make sellers jump through hoops to sign up no wonder very few people use it.

  3. Starting your Christmas ad campaign
    On the 18 th ,is a tad late to make your mark for this Christmas is it not?

  4. This site is a total joke….

    The post above says they have just signed a TV add deal, this was promised to sellers at the start of 2017 but never happened.

    even sub free, they don’t attract enough customers to warrant the time it would cost us to add all our SKU’s to the platform, as they don’t offer any links with the well-known channel management systems.

    Until this site starts bringing in customers, with real sales, and ROI then its not a player in the market and never will be.

  5. we are a seller on Onbuy, and I have to say that sales have been excellent – although smaller than the other channels at the moment.
    And with the reduction in fees etc coming in 2018, it really is a no brainer now.

    Traction did take a little while, but the sales are coming though quite nicely now and with integrations coming (to Channeladvisor especially) soon, we only expect this to ramp up significantly.
    PS – this is an impartial comment. I am not associated with Onbuy !

  6. The site is not available yet!?

    Search brings up this:

    503 Service Unavailable
    No server is available to handle this request.

  7. Hi Will,

    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately our hosting provider, UKFast is experiencing a power outage, causing our website to be temporarily inaccessible. This issue is affecting hundreds of businesses across the UK.

    We hope all will be resolved as soon as possible.

    Best regards, OnBuy Team.


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