60 years on: LEGO is still top of the toybox

This Sunday, the 28th of January is the 60th anniversary of LEGO. eBay UK have revealed that interest in the classic toy has continued to ‘build’, with more than 20,000 searches on site for LEGO in the last week alone, that’s one search every 30 seconds!

The online marketplace has found that when it comes to the toy box, LEGO is still set to remain a firm favourite this year with more than 1,160,000 searches for LEGO in 2018 so far, with the 60th anniversary marking the remake of favourites such as the Airport Shuttle and Galaxy Explorer.

eBay has revealed everyone’s favourite brick became the UK’s third most sought after item of last year just behind iPhones and Fidget Spinners, with more than 4.4 million total searches on site and a big spike in November, with five searches every second as parents start the Christmas shop.

Despite the continued popularity of the retro models, film and TV has also continued to inspire a new generation of LEGO lovers, with one ‘LEGO Star Wars’ related item sold every minute since the release of the most recent instalment, ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’. Similarly, the release of ‘Star Wars Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ inspired people to build their favourite LEGO starship, with searches for ‘LEGO Star Wars’ peaking on 18 December, three days after the release.

Get your marketing ready for LEGO’s 60th Anniversary

With nearly 500,000 current listings on site, whether a master builder or construction novice, LEGO’s 60th anniversary is sure to create a spike in purchases. With this in mind if you sell LEGO then this weekend would be a great time to promote your listings.

Whether it be through email marketing, eBay shop emails, featuring a shop category or perhaps considering investing in a few eBay Promoted Listings, don’t miss out on your share of the LEGO sales.

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This kind of story is exactly why Tamebay is my go-to site for ecommerce news…I love it!

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