eBay to recruit product manger to build new Selling Guidance tools

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eBay are advertising a job vacancy for a Senior Product Manager who will build the next generation of their Selling Guidance Delivery Platform. They say that “this platform delivers critical insights to sellers like what kinds of inventory they should source, how they should price it to be competitive and how they improve their overall listing to improve conversion and sales”.

“Seller Hub brings valuable insights from eBay’s vast array of data directly to its sellers to help them manage and grow their business in one place – making professional selling on eBay easier. The user-friendly interface enables sellers to manage their inventory and orders, access valuable performance insights, identify opportunities for growth and take advantage of ways to get their products in front of the right buyers faster and more efficiently.”
– eBay

The selling guidance is built using the latest machine learning algorithms which eBay say that they are constantly iterating upon and testing using the ‘Sherpa’ platform. We don’t know for sure, but our best guess is that Sherpa is a Spanish Artificial Intelligence platform (Don’t be surprised if we’re wrong!)

We know that eBay offers selling guidance and insights in the Seller Dashboard but there’s no mention of Terapeak in the job description which eBay recently acquired – eBay announced that they had completed the acquisition of Terapeak just before Christmas on the 22nd of December. eBay have already indicated that they will be integrating certain functionality from Terapeak into its Seller Hub.

The main job functions for the new Senior Product Manager will be to engage with sellers to understand customer needs, growth blockers and appropriate ways to deliver various insights to meet their needs and partner with internal stakeholders to build and deliver new insights, features & improvements.

26 Responses

  1. GIS A JOB

    The main job functions for the new Senior Product Manager will be to engage with sellers to understand customer needs,
    out for nowt with change back

  2. The job is simple.

    he will just keep looking at the big boys and say to all of us little people.

    Sell this at the same price as them.
    Offer a forever returns policy.
    Offer free post.
    offer free returns for any reason.
    post withing 10 minutes of the order being made.
    only ship by tracked services.
    Upload tracking within a few minutes of the order being placed.
    Pay you VAT unlike many Chinese sellers
    Pay your Tax unlike many Chinese sellers
    Don’t have contact details or logos on your listings like Argos and Tesco
    Don’t sell fake items like the many Chinese sellers that we allow.

    You should all be able to do that with you large buying power and huge IT departments .

    Oh sorry do you not all have those. ?????

  3. “… engage with sellers to understand customer needs,”

    When are they going to put in a manager that will engage with sellers to understand sellers needs?

    Seller Dashboard Growth Recommendations? On Monday I had 90, yesterday I had 87, today I have 2

  4. The recommendations are a joke….. i see price recommendations and when i look at the listings they refere to…. i have sold more at a higher price. I wouldn’t trust ebay recommendations if you held a gun to my head. There is often so much more to an item than just ‘someone else is selling it £2 less’.
    All part of the race to the bottom on price mentality which is driving down standards, driving out decent sellers and leaving the customer with the giants who know nothing about that they sell and dont give a damn anyway as ebay wont dare punish them for the 89k negatives they have!

    I see they still have yet to grasp that to grow…. they need to engage actual sellers not just these fantasy sellers they allegedly speak to that agree with the most unbelievable things!

  5. Am am afraid eBay recommendations are not worth the email they send out every 5 minutes. All I get is a greedy email “more promoted listings more promoted listings”.

    At best it is all nonsense at worst they are misleading. They already run a biased and fixed marketplace. You do not see their big corporates partners having to run promoted listings just to get coverage. I wonder how many music magpie customers get emails promoting my NEW goods over their So call VERY GOOD goods.

    Anyway am sure this job advertised in the States will have a fantastic impact here, we will get a level playing field, 100% honest search and unbiased search (NOT)….

    In reality we will get another US corporate YES man, the tax evasion and the promoting of other corporates will continue.

  6. Lets not condemn the new guy until he has had at least an opportunity to do his role.

    This happened with ebay concierge back in Aug and September 2016 – some folk were trashing the programme before it even started and it turned out to be superb.

    Maybe it would be an idea to see what the new product manager has to say before we start trashing him before the post is even filled.

    We seem to be in a culture on here that ebay can’t do anything right. Trashing a new initiative before it even starts is a prime example of this.

  7. The concierge program is very good
    We see it as a reward for our effort and good selling practices
    A gold star for our homework from teacher

  8. The concierge program does sound very good, so why not let all sellers have access to it?. I dont have it yet used to speak with Dublin as top seller when i had power seller.

    I must say the support from Phillipines is very good now fom my experiance.

    I fail to see how the appointment of one person will make any difference at all. What has rob hatteral done with his position and power to improve things for sellers – sweet FA!

  9. Sadly they can appoint anyone they want…. but if they don’t have ‘power’ they are just window dressing. I know we are all negative, but does anyone stop to ask why? It’s because we see the same old thing day in day out. The same problems that never get dealt with, the same promises that never get delivered, the same old tired way of doing things that doesnt work….Nothing really changes except the the fees and the amount of hoops we all have to just through to make it look good for buyers.
    On that point i wish to point out that the buying experience isn’t that good either. So far in the last few months I’ve had two top rated sellers fail to dispatch until after the delivery date, fail to respond to multiply emails and in one case sell me a fake and then tell me where to shove it…. Presented evidence to ebay that it was a fake from the manufacturer…. got told to talk to the seller! On top of that ive been bogged down with a search engine that is filled with pages and pages of the same item just with price going up at 1p intervals, and listing every single possible variation you could ever think of on top … in the end i gave up and bought what i wanted on amazon. Buying or selling on ebay is like trying to find aparking space in town on the last weekend before Christmas…. but atleast that is getting easier!
    I pity the person who takes on this job… whatever the salary, it wont be enough!

  10. Concierge IS superb and is slated to roll out to all sellers, hopefully by the end of this year (eBay’s stated timeline as of eBay Open 2017).

    Let’s reserve judgment as to the initiatives summed up in this post; to reiterate and add to what Alan Paterson said, give the guy (or gal) a chance to show us how they’re going to handle their (new) job.

    Of course, first they’ll have to get hired!

  11. Who or whatever gets the job is there for eBay’s benefit and profit
    Any thing that trickles down to the normal everyday eBay seller is accidental

    Rolling out concierge to encompass every seller will
    Dilute its quality

  12. Concierge,,,,,, how can a company offer a two tier customer support service? My friend is concierge, my business is three times the size of his paying thousands of pounds a month into eBay coffers. What do I get? Custard support, Manilla call centres and people giving me “advice” that they are clearly reading off a script that’s got nothing remotely to do with my problem. Try living our life with no meaningful support at all, and as to a product manager,,,, just another paypacket to fund.

  13. INKYH
    Ebay…………why not tell the world how many items I have sold!
    Next, just under my main image put ‘SELL IT YOURSELF’
    This way the price reduces by 75% and we all lose money.
    Loyalty usually begins at home and not in China nor India.


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