Leaked image of Samsung Galaxy S9 box reveals phone features

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What purports to be an image of the Samsung Galaxy S9 retail box has been posted on Imgur and reveals some interesting features of Samsung’s upcoming handset which is expected to be officially announced at the Mobile World Congress in February.

A 5.8″ screen comes with curved corners now the default option on many handsets but where Samsugn really win is with the uprated 12MP rear camera. It has an aperture between F1.5 and F2.4 means that pictures taken with the new phone should be superb. It also indicates that Samsung will add Super Slow-Mo (probably 1000fps slow motion) capability enabling superb action shot video to be captured. The rear camera, according to the retail box image, remains at 8MP.

Other features revealed for the Galaxy S9 include wireless charging (which runs at speeds of up to double that of iPhones) and the now customary IP68 dust and water protection. What might get users excited and tempt them to upgrade will be the addition of an Iris scanner as a new way to verify your identity.

You can also expect Bixby, Samsung’s home baked Artificial Intelligence voice assistant to be available on the Galaxy S9. Samsung are pressing forward with their own iteration on just about every device that they manufacture from smartphones to TVs and refrigerators. We’re still not seeing a large takeup in Bixby usage as it also has to compete with Google Assistant on the Android smartphone but expect to see a hardware Bixby button on the S9.

Should you buy the S9

I won’t be buying an S9 as I’m in love with my Samsung Note 8 which comes with a stylus – useful for blogging and picture editing. If you’ve got an S8 then there’s probably little to tempt you to upgrade unless you have to hav the latest handset or if you’re due a free upgrade. However if you’ve an S6 or earlier then this is going to be a phone you’ll probably want to get and it should be being delivered by the end of February or early March.

If you’re thinking of upgrading in the next few weeks then my advice would be to hang on and decide once the Samsung Galaxy S9 is released before you make your decision.

4 Responses

  1. Pssst Chris….. you state the rear camera is 8mb when i think you meant the front (selfie camera)…..!

  2. Damn! Percy… you have passed the first challenge and are through to the next round!
    Note to self… always check what you have written when pointing out an error in what someone has written!


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