Mashable hosts eBay Shop The look commerce

In a first for eBay, the marketplace has hooked up with Mashable to enable consumers to shop on eBay with ever leaving a third party site. This is part of eBay’s ongoing plan to improve and develop its consumer experience both on and off eBay UK.

Using eBay’s ‘Shop the Look’ solution, you can hover on the images in Mashable articles and click on the shopping tags to find matching, brand new items from eBay, or find affordable alternatives without leaving the page. See an article on Obama and want to buy a shirt similar to his – not a problem, or perhaps you’d prefer his jumper. Spot some of the latest tech on Mashable – you can now buy it on eBay straight from the Mashable article image.

Mashable is a worldwide media and entertainment company for culture and tech super fans to create easy-click, shoppable editorial across the UK and US. This new, immersive shopping experience will capitalise on Mashable’s role as the go-to source for all things new and next. Combining Mashable’s expert recommendations with the consumer discovery power of eBay, the partnership allows Mashable’s audience to use eBay to shop, browse and purchase products matching those featured on Mashable – all without ever leaving the Mashable site.

The future of shopping

We’ve written about eBay’s Shop the Look before but previously the experience was on eBay itself. The partnership with Mashable is not only noteworthy as it’s some of eBay’s latest tech, but also because it’s the first time that eBay have made the entire eBay buying process available on a third party site. The way the Internet world is moving, at some point in the future we will use search engines (either Internet or marketplace) less and start shopping wherever we happen to find inspiration. This is a key step towards the next generation of distributed commerce where the whole Internet become shoppable.

Personally I view ‘Shop the Look’ as a nascent technology. The solution with Mashable is cute and new, but it’s only a starting point. Currently the shopping tags have had to be positioned on Mashable images, but one day just about every image on the web will be shoppable. Not only that but we’ve yet to see shoppable video and whether the technology comes from the film industry or from TV manufacturers, in the future there’s no reason a similar buying experience couldn’t appear where you can pause a film and buy anything you can see on your screen.

eBay Mashable Pilot Partnership

The pilot partnership with Mashable is a pioneering effort from eBay’s Marketing Lab, which focuses on developing disruptive marketing solutions and game-changing innovations. By introducing the new eBay widget to Mashable, the team will be able to understand whether elements such as seller reputation and delivery times matter as much to consumers than they normally would on the platform. The marketing team will use the data and learned consumer insights from the pilot to accelerate business growth and deliver scalable solutions.

“We know a lot about how people shop on our site, but less about how they shop off it, so we wanted to bring a simplified shopping experience that brings products to Mashable’s passionate audience rather than expect them to come to us”.
– Dan Burdett, Head of eBay EMEA Marketing Lab

Shop the Look with eBay on Mashable and win an iPad Mini 4

Those who purchase an eBay item on Mashable using the new experience between 29th January and 14th February, will be automatically entered into a prize draw for a chance to win an iPad mini 4. Participating articles on the site will contain images with shopping tags on them. Clicking the tags will allow you to purchase the listed item seamlessly using the eBay widget, and be automatically entered into the eBay prize draw.

For a chance at winning the latest iPad mini 4, go to and shop brand new items on eBay through Mashable.

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Eventually we think this is how social media sites will monetize the sites. You will click on a story or photo image whatever and there will be a tag with a checkout. We are in the middle of organising a wedding, and my other half searches for all her idea on SOCIAL insta, pinterest etc. This weekend she has bought save the date cards, these bridesmaids box things and and a few other things and she has not touched an eBay or Amazon once.

SAM • 4th February 2018 •

You're spot on Sam. The next ecommerce arms race will be to power shopping experiences on other sites and it will be interesting to see who wins. Amazon have a habit of building their own solutions and relying on Prime to suck buyers in. eBay have a history of building solutions on third party platforms (think eBay Mobile and more recently their Google Assistant integration (live in the US and Australia). Then there are new services such as Pricesearcher who are building shopping catalogues. Who wins will be the company who can convince the third party sites to implement their solution to power shopping... and possibly what cut the site will get. Or of course it's possible third party sites will build their own shopping engines but that relies very much on getting feeds from retailers.

Chris Dawson • 4th February 2018 •