Amazon Treasure Truck will visit more UK towns and cities

After test-driving the Treasure Truck in London, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham, Amazon are adding more towns and cities where the truck will appear. You can now expect the Amazon Treasure Truck to visit Coventry, York, Windsor, Slough, Maidenhead, Reading as well as Portsmouth and Southampton.

If you live in these areas you can sign up to be among the first to find out when and where the truck will be plus the offer of the day by texting ‘truck’ to 87377 or by visiting You’ll also need to download the Amazon app to your mobile phone so that you can make a purchase to collect at the truck.

On the days that the Treasure Truck is in your area, you’ll receive a text message with the offer of the day. If you want the deal find Treasure Truck in the Amazon App main menu under “Programs and Features”, and tap “Treasure Truck”. When you’re ready to buy, simply tap “I want this”, choose your pickup location, and go collect your treasure!

What is the value of the Amazon Treasure Truck?

There’s no real secret to Amazon’s Treasure Truck – it’s relatively cheap advertising where people can interact with the Amazon brand. There’s normally a bit of a show put on and either some tasty treats, a celebrity meet and greet or a fun game with prizes. As an added bonus for Amazon, every visitor to the Treasure Truck will have downloaded the Amazon App and made a purchase so there’s revenue stream to help fund the venture.

How can retailers get involved?

There are two ways that retailers can get involved – either invite the Treasure Truck to show up at your location or supply goods to be sold on the Truck (you’ll need to have a large quantity of a compelling must have item at a cracking price).

If you’d like to find out more about selling your product on the Amazon Treasure Truck or inviting it to visit your location then get in touch by emailing

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Cities in ENGLAND does not qualify as driving around the UK

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