Changes to the Amazon Brand Registry announced

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There’s news from the Amazon Brand Registry division and it’s good news from any seller who likes private label sales or holds a brand name. You can read more here.

What is this all about? If you manufacture or sell your own branded goods and want to be a successful seller on Amazon, utilising the Amazon Brand Registry is vital. It helps protect your registered trademarks and create an accurate and trusted experience for customers. As they say of the new developments:

A new and improved registry for a brand’s rights owners that helps you deliver an accurate and trusted customer experience on Amazon while protecting your intellectual property. Why does it matter? For brand owners, enrolling provides you with powerful tools to help protect your trademarks, including proprietary text and image search and predictive automation. Moreover, it gives you more access to advertising solutions, which can help you increase your brand presence on Amazon.
– Amazon

The Amazon Brand Registry is really important if you are selling your own goods. You might have spent time developing and creating the concept of what you’re selling before moving on to having them created and made. And you may have also expended a great deal of time and effort having them imported to the UK, so they can be sold. So you want to make sure that your intellectual property is protected. It’s only right that you try maximise your profits from your own ideas.

That’s what the Amazon Brand Registry does. Have you started using it? And if you have, has it been useful and effective?

3 Responses

  1. Use it and still doesn’t stop other companies listing on our listings with other brands. Waste of time at the moment because Amazon will not listen or do anything about other brands listing on top of us.

  2. Smoke and mirrors …” protect yourself and your property from others” , when in fact we’ll use our user agreement to share marketplace data with our retail business and asses the sales and success of your products and then create our own to undercut you…

  3. Might I point out that there is a disclaimer somewhere that only new listings, i.e. ASINs created AFTER you have enrolled your brand in the BR have full protection. Then, a seller wishing to sell on the ASIN will need to verify that they legitimately bought the item from the brand manufacturer or another registered brand retailer.
    Amazon don’t extend the same courtesy to listings that existed previously.


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